Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hi guys!!! I did some crazy shopping last week indulging on delicious smelling candles and bath bombs! I actually filmed my thoughts to all of them on my YouTube channel and I thought I could share the videos with you here as well!

I just feel like the Fall/Winter is the most amazing time for getting cozy, lighting a few candles, and running a bath so I needed to stock up on my favorites as well as try something new and I was not disappointed!

I hope you guys like the videos below! I would love for you to subscribe to my channel if you do like them and want to see more!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

What's in my Bag? | Phillip Lim Edition

Hi guys!! I'm practically screaming inside knowing that I now own my very own Phillip Lim bag!! To say I am obsessed with it is an understatement!
So with a new handbag I thought it was only right for me to create a new and updated what's in my bag video for you guys :)
I hope you enjoy!
P.S. Be sure to leave a comment of what's in your handbag and what bag you are carrying around this Fall!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkin Patches with my Best Friend

It's officially Fall and as we get closer to giving thanks and saying trick or treat I thought it was time for Trevor and I to pay a visit to the loveliest little pumpkin patch.  With hundreds of pumpkins and twinkling lights it was the perfect place to get into the fall spirit.
So we grabbed our trolley and picked out the perfect pumpkins...
Trevor even got into the festive spirit!!!
And I gave a little twirl in my favorite Halloween dress!
We loaded up our pumpkins and brought them home and now all that's left is carving this weekend!

I'd love for you to leave a comment below with your favorite autumnal tradition :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Vlogtober Day 13: Advent Calendars & Someone's in My House?!

Hi guys!! Sorry I'm posting this vlog a few days late, this last week has been quite busy!! I've been working loads and have had a hard time trying to balance everything! Anyways, this vlog was a bit short but I got my Advent Calendars for Christmas from Lego and I also seriously thought someone was in my house when I was supposed to be home alone! Turns out my mischievous kitties were trying to open doors in my house and were causing a raucous. 
I hope you liked this vlog and I have lots of exciting videos coming up this week so stay tuned!! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Autumn Essentials 2015! | Video

Hi guys!! With Fall already flying by as we are fast approaching Halloween and then Thanksgiving I thought I would share with you guys just a few of my favorite items for Fall that make the season extra special!! This is one of my favorite times of the year so there are so many things that I love!!

I would love to hear all of your favorite things for Fall because I love trying new things, so you should leave a comment below with your Autumn Essentials!! I'm so happy to be back making more videos so I hope you enjoy them and of course feel free to subscribe :) Thank you so much for watching :)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Vlogtober Day 7: Christmas Decorations and Bug Attack!!

Guys! Guys! Guys! I found Christmas decorations!!!!!! Can you believe it???
I know I'm being a bit of an eager beaver but I can't help myself!!! If you don't know, I LOVE Christmas!!! I was barely able to keep myself from buying lots of decorations but I'm at least trying to wait until after Halloween!!
I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog :) I'm hopefully going to have some fun outtings this weekend that I can't wait to share it all with you!!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Vlogtober Days 2-6: It's So Much Harder Than it Looks!:

It turns out that vlogging is much more difficult than I expected it would be! Between forgetting to vlog, not doing things that are really exciting, and also feeling mildly uncomfortable pulling a camera out and filming myself in public places I'm definitely having a harder time than I expected. But I'm still carrying on and doing the best I can so I combined a few days together and shared the very best parts of the last few days!
I hope that you guys enjoy!

I'm doing Vlogtober?!

Hey guys!! This month I decided that I really wanted to challenge myself! I've been trying so hard to get back into regularly blogging but I kept finding myself forgetting or getting too busy, so I set a goal for myself... Vlog for ALL of October!
I might have aimed a little too high, and I'm quickly realizing that this might be a bite too big for me to chew, but I'm just going to go for it! I'm a few days in, and a little behind on editing/posting however I'm catching up quickly and I think this is going to be too much fun!
I hope you guys enjoy my little daily vlogs!!
P.S. who else is doing Vlogtober?!??!?!!?