Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Favorite February Reads!

In February I read two books that I absolutely loved. One being the Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and the other From Notting Hill with Love... Actually by Ali McNamara. The Red Queen I managed to finish in a matter of hours from the time I picked it up as I was immediately enthralled. It is a teen novel about a different world where a girl gets brought to an elite society with supernatural abilities and before she knows it she becomes the face of a revolution. The story reminds me of books like the Hunger Games and The Selection. Its full of different twists and turns but all in all is a pretty good story!  The next book From Notting Hill with Love... Actually is a story about a woman who winds up house sitting in Notting Hill where she comes across her very own love story! It is light hearted and sweet and a really lovely story!
What are your favorite books at the moment? I would love to hear any recommendations as I am always looking for a good new story! 

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  1. i have read the selection and i love it, so i think i would love ´the red queen´ too, thank you for this review now i have a new book to read this month!! :D
    PS: I LOVE UR BLOG!! New fan from argentina!!!