Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dry Bar's Mai Tai Sea Salt Spritzer!

Ahh more Dry Bar!! I think I have an obsession!! All of these products just smell SO good!! This is by far one of my favorite products its the Mai Tai Sea Salt Spritzer! I love using this spray for such a variety of different looks! This spray literally makes any hairstyle look just a little bit better! So far I have used it on my natural air dried hair which has given it more texture and body and shape! I've also used it on curled hair and this spray helps loosen the curls while also giving them more body and a more beachy look. Lastly I've used this spray when I straighten my hair and I love it because it helps separate each strand and gives it a slightly more tousled look!
I think this is the perfect spray for a beachy laid back look and I can't wait to use it this Spring/Summer!
What is your favorite sea spray?

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