Friday, February 20, 2015

Big Easy Benefit BB Cream!

   With the promise of Spring approaching I am already keen to embrace a laid back summer inspired make-up routine. While a lot of the world is still experiencing storms and snow it has been so hot here at home and I can't help but want to wear as little make-up as possible!
   With that in mind over the weekend I went to get my eyebrows done at the Brow Bar in Benefit and I came across the Big Easy BB Cream by Benefit. I love BB creams especially in the Spring and Summer when I can't bother myself with applying a heavy loaded foundation everyday!  The Big Easy BB Cream caught my eye as it is 'liquid to powder' product. As my skin tends to be oily I look for BB creams that will have this effect because it won't leave my skin looking too shiny so I won't have to bother with a heavy powder afterwards.
Another quality I love with this BB cream is that it has an SPF of 35 which cancels one more step in my morning skin routine which is ideal for me on those lazy days!
A few other qualities the Big Easy BB Cream has includes balancing moisture and controlling oil production on your skin which I think sounds amazing, it is supposed to even out skin texture, and it even self adjusts to exact skin tones!
My color is the shade 01 in Fair and I already love using this product in my skin routine. It is so easy to use and buildable in places you still need a little more coverage. I use this product with a foundation brush but if you would like a little more coverage you can use your fingers which will give slightly stronger coverage.
I am actually getting quite excited for Spring and Summer although I wouldn't mind a break from this heat! If you have a  favorite BB Cream you love or another product you are looking forward to getting back into this Spring/Summer I would love to hear what they are in the comments below!

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