Monday, February 23, 2015

Benefit Hervana Blush | My Go To Blush this Spring!

If you read my post yesterday you will know that I am looking forward to Spring to begin! I can't wait for Spring and Summer fashion and I love the lightweight and easy make-up trends that come along with it! While I was at Benefit over the weekend I also purchased the Hervana blush. I liked this blush because I thought the swirl of colors was really beautiful and I was interested in the purple tones that were mixed with the soft nudes and pinks. I've never really looked at Benefit blushes before because I found the packaging a little bit annoying because it is so bulky but when I saw this one I couldn't help myself!
The ladies at Benefit kindly helped me and told me that with the purple tones this blush would suit my skin as I tend to have really red skin! The purple would help soften the redness and help me accomplish the blush that I'm looking for rather than adding more redness with a more pink blush!
It seemed to make sense to me and aside from the bulky packaging I absolutely adore this blush already. It applies really smoothly and is a beautiful color!
If you have red or more pink blushing skin I would love to hear your recommendations for a blush that might have more purple tones in it to offset the redness! Otherwise I think you might really like it!

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