Monday, January 19, 2015

Pining Away | The Perfect Day Escape!

Hello everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? This weekend my cousin and I decided to head to the mountains for a day of exploring and attempting to find a bit of snow for sledding in the mountains!
Last week was a tough one and by Saturday I was aching for an escape. We took a break, and went to play in the snow! But our trip didn’t turn out exactly as planned. In fact we never really made it to our final destination but on our way we made it an amazing day! We made plenty of stops taking in breathtaking views, singing all the way up the mountain, and even making our own snowman! (Well, kind of!)
As far as my outfit goes,  I was really inspired by one of my favorite bloggers and vloggers Hannah Maggs . I loved her styling of fur vests and maroon sweaters and aimed for a similar look! My sweater is from Topshop, while my vest is from Victoria's Secret, and my jeans are from Paige Denim! And I love my booties from Topshop! If you haven't checked out Hannah's channel yet, then I highly recommend it as her and her husband as well as their adorable baby Gracyn are my favorite family on the internet.

Sometimes taking a day away, being somewhere out of service from your phone, or simply turning it off for a couple of hours and enjoying the outdoors can be the perfect cure to a lousy week! Take a moment to step back and get some fresh air, spend some quality time with a best friend, and don't forget to have a little boogie!

I hope you guys have the best week!

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