Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Sunday's with Fresh Food & Pretty Flowers

Hi everyone! Today I was feeling particularly adventurous and decided to visit my local market to pick something fresh to make. I settled on a tomato cream soup, picking up fresh basil leaves for a little extra green, and bread for a parmesan toast. This year one of my biggest goals is to start cooking for myself and even though this is such an easy recipe simply adding the basil leaves, salt, and pepper it felt like a small accomplishment in my day! 
Along the way I picked up a fresh bouquet of flowers that always make me feel cheery and together I had the loveliest Sunday afternoon! One tip for those of you who love to have fresh flowers in the house that I've learned along the way is to snip 1/2" up the stem of the flower before putting it in your vase so that the flower can absorb the water and live a lot longer! 
What is your favorite homemade meal or your favorite way to spend your Sunday afternoon?
Soundtrack of the day: Louisa Wendorff: Blank Space// Style

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