Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Design Your Workspace | Increase Your Productivity!

Hello! Today I’ve decided to share with you just a small corner of my workspace. I have just finished my first college program at FIDM receiving my AA in Fashion Design. And right now I am in a bit of a transitional period. I am searching for a job, as well as preparing to apply for schools to continue my education, and also write this blog!  Oh and of course also run my YouTube channel.  All in all it is really important for me to manage my time and stay extremely organized so that I can get everything done! 

The best way I have been able to remain focused and productive has been by creating a work space that is clean and organized. I try to keep this area really tidy as it is where I get a lot of work done and when it is too messy it is hard for me to focus! Here are just a few of the things I have on my desk!
  1. BKR silicone glass water bottle! It is important to stay hydrated!
  2. My laptop & phone! To stay up to date on my social medias! And also look for a job!
  3. Several notebooks for jotting down ideas! And of course matching pens!
  4. In the back I have a file holder to keep any important papers organized
  5. And then I just have a framed photo of me and my boyfriend

My desk space is a work in progress that I want to continually change and add to but right now I am so happy with it. And I think having an aesthetically pleasing work place increases my productivity so much as it inspires my work!!