Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Zinc Cafe and Market!

Today is a slightly different post from the usual, but I thought I could share with you this amazing little cafe restaurant coffee shop place I found.  Recently I've been exploring L.A. as I live in one of the most exciting cities in the world and I feel like there are so many hidden gems that I don't even know about!  So while I was at my internship, my boss and I stepped out for a coffee and happened upon Zinc Cafe and Market.  Walking in I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. The cafe is set up into different seating areas. There is an outside garden for appetizers, a beautiful bar for drinks, a dining area, and even a little bakery style bar where people were eating the most amazing smelling Belgian waffles.

I absolutely love the design of this place.  It is cozy and inviting without being stuffy or cluttered like I find so many cafes to be.  I snapped a few pictures of my favorite parts to share with you because I just thought it was so lovely and I loved all the little details in the decor. Since I first went, I've gone back several times and can strongly recommend their lattés, scones, and pizzas!  If you're ever in the arts district or in the downtown LA area you absolutely must stop in! :)  (It's located on Mateo Street) If you have by chance been leave a comment with your favorite item on the menu! Have a lovely day! Also if you didn't get a chance to see I posted a new video which you can watch Here!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

HUGE Fashion Fall Haul | New Video!

Hi everyone, I know its been ages since my last post but I've just had a small bit of writer's block. I've been super busy and just haven't really had much I wanted to talk about and was feeling a little overwhelmed.  But now I have so many new ideas and things that I can't wait to share with you moving forward!  This week I filmed a haul video for you as I have been shopping quite a bit for back to school and the fall! Don't you just love an excuse to shop?  I've been shopping for tons of cozy jumpers and even bought myself a signature fragrance!  I'd love to hear what you loved most from what I picked up or maybe your favorite clothes for fall! Also feel free to leave a comment with what you would like to see from me in the future as far as videos go!! Have a lovely day!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Worry Less OOTD | Celeb Shades

The other day my old roommate Drew and I along with our friend Paz went to USC to visit the Rose Gardens.  Ever since I was little I've loved these gardens as I've walked past them every fall on my way to the Coliseum for football games with my Dad.  But summer time is by far one of the most beautiful times to visit.  I love visiting the gardens as they're so peaceful and it was the perfect end to a busy week of midterms at school.  I'm already getting so excited for fall as it is one of my favorite seasons and I wore my new Rag and Bone pants that will be perfect this autumn! I also wore another pair of Celeb Shades that I am absolutely obsessed with.  More and more I am loving glasses as an accessory for my outfits because I think it creates a finished look for each of my outfits.  I recommend shopping at Celeb Shades because they have so many different styles and that can create so many cool looks at an amazing cost.  The ones I'm wearing in this look you can find here!!.  What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall? Show me your favorite accessories or your favorite pair of Celeb Shades.  Have a lovely day! -xoxo
Visit Wholesale Celeb Shades Here: http://www.wholesalecelebshades.com/

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LA Street Art & Celeb Shades

      Yesterday my boss and I took a little break from a photo shoot we were doing and headed to the Urban Radish. The Urban Radish is a delicious little market and eatery in the heart of the art district and the first time I went I fell in love.  Their entire shop is based around bringing fresh nutritious foods to their shoppers.  It has a fresh inviting energy and you feel right at home when you walk in. You can stop in for lunch, grocery shopping, or even a coffee!  It is one of my favorite places to go after my internship! After stopping in there, we took a walk around as there is the most amazing street art in this area!  I got particularly excited by the dinosaur mural and couldn't help getting a few pictures!  I just think it is fascinating how talented some of these artists are! I don't understand how they can make it so big!!
      For my internship I was wearing my favorite top from Kaya di Koko and I paired it with my trusty Rag and Bone Jeans!
      But my favorite part of my outfit were my glasses.  I'm literally obsessed with them!  When it comes to glasses I have a hard time spending a lot of money on them and making a big commitment as there is always something new that I like and I sometimes tend to lose/break them.  Which is why I am in love with the website wholesalecelebshades.com With this website you can find so many cute pairs of glasses and sunglasses and they're all super affordable! This website is perfect for me because I don't have to worry about losing them or breaking them and I can always change my mind and buy a new pair without dropping hundreds of dollars on them!  I think glasses are such a fun way to play with your outfit and these are going to be my favorite for fall!  You can check out their website Here! If you're interested in their selection!
     If you live in the L.A. area or have visited and know of any amazing places I would love to hear suggestions as I always love trying something new!! Yesterday I uploaded a new video which was a haul from one my favorite shops!  If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it Here!!  Leave a comment with what you would like to see in my videos in the future!! Have a lovely day! -xoxo
Shop WholeSale Celebrity Shades: http://www.wholesalecelebshades.com/

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Video | Beauty & Lush Haul!

Happy Monday guys! I've had the most exciting day of photo shoots, editing, and lots of homework and studying for midterms! I'm very excited to share more from the photo shoot later this week but today I'm sharing with you my new haul video!  I went a little bit crazy shopping at CVS and Lush and couldn't help but share!!  Leave a comment with your favorite CVS and Lush products! I would love to hear what you love and what you think I might like to try! Have a lovely day guys! -xx

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mini Holiday to Santa Barbara | Intern Photoshoot Part 2

Happy Sunday everyone!! This week I've been horrible about writing.  School has been so busy and I've truly just felt overwhelmed with all that I've been doing.  As a result blogging had to take a backseat for the week.  But this weekend I went on a mini holiday with Trevor and his family to visit his grandparents just north of Santa Barbara and I'm now feeling refreshed and even more inspired for writing.  I spent the weekend meeting seals, watching whales, and playing with starfish and crabs.  The beach is one of my favorite places in the world it is so soothing and I only wish I found more time for it.  
This is just a short post, but it is the second part of a shoot I did for my internship a few weeks ago for their resort collection for this coming Spring.  I fell in love with this dress the moment I slipped it on and can't wait to add it to my wardrobe when it is actually out! I also adore my headband which was gifted to me from Paper Sails ! I love the colors and think there are so many ways to wear it!  Go check out their Etsy site and pick your favorite!
I hope you guys all have a lovely day! I promise to much better with writing this week! Also, I will have a new video up Monday so be sure to look out for it! You can find updates for it on my twitter account which is @brittanyleland1 If you didn't see my last video you can watch it Here! At my Channel!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July Favorites Video!

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! I got a little bit behind because school is getting crazy but my new video is up!  I talked about all of my favorites from July ranging from favorite Lush products to my ice cream maker!  What have your favorites been this month!! I'm just starting out with my YouTube channel and would love feedback on what videos you would like to see in the future!! Have a lovely day guys and don't forget to  SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!  :) -xx

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fin Free | Lush Campaign

  As many of you may know I absolutely love Lush, as I’m sure most of you do as well! I love every aspect of Lush from their amazing products, to their charity work, and of course their mostly organic environmentally aware approach to cosmetics.  So when I saw a few months ago that Lush was beginning their second campaign against shark finning I was beyond excited!  Several years ago I watched a documentary called SharkWater made by Rob Stewart and since then I’ve had such a soft spot for sharks.  I learned that over 100 million sharks are being killed a year to be finned for shark fin soup and although there has been a lot of progress in the fight to ban shark fins there is still a lot of work to do.  Sharks are the biggest part of our ecosystem and it is not only crucial for their survival but also for ours.  Sharks' fins are being cut off, and then they're being thrown back in the ocean alive, and left to die.  At the rate that sharks are being killed it is estimated that they will be extinct in the next decade.  We have to make a change.
  It happens that every time I walk into Lush I always leave with a charity pot in my bag.  For those of you unfamiliar with Lush Charity Pots, they’re little pots of body lotion (that smell absolutely amazing) that have a sticker on the lid with different charities that Lush is supporting. 100% of the profit goes directly to your charity of choice and I love being able to give back even if it is in the smallest way. 
  As I tend to be in Lush quite a bit and have accumulated one too many charity pots, I’ve begun accompanying them in my gifts to people!  My friends and family always love receiving them, as not only is the body lotion amazing but it is always nice receiving a gift knowing that it was also a gift for someone else in need.
Knowing that the beginning of August would bring the Shark Fin campaign at Lush, I went in straight away this morning to pick up my own.  So I of course picked up the Shark Charity Pot as well as the Shark Fin Soap.  The shark fin soap is actually the same soap as the Sea Vegetable Soap.  I am already a huge fan of this soap for summer as it has a light and refreshing scent as well as Seaweed to exfoliate your skin, but I think the little fin on top is my favorite part!  If you love the Sea Vegetable soap I suggest you pick up the Shark Fin Soap through this campaign as Lush is giving a better deal for the soap and 100% of the proceeds go directly towards the cause. 
If you would like to read more about the documentary SharkWater you can find information Here!! I also went to the website Fin Free and took the pledge to not consume or support any restaurant or company that uses Shark meat or uses shark meat in their cosmetics.  If you would like to take the pledge you can do so Here!!!  We all have such a large responsibility to preserve our world and the life in it and by becoming educated on the impact finning has on our world you can make a difference.  We can still change things and save these sharks but it is only going to happen if we begin doing something. So begin today. Whether it be by renting the documentary, or reading about it online, you can take the pledge or donate towards the cause.  You can even go to Lush and support the cause with Shark products.  If you choose to support the Fin Free movement make blog about it and help more people become aware, and definitely tag me so I can check it out!  This subject is so important to me and there is so much we can do to make a difference! So just begin! Have a lovely day guys!! -xx