Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Try the World | Subscription Box

So today's post is a little bit different! I am still continuing with my Tuesday monthly subscription box reviews it just so happens though that this week's box isn't about beauty and it's not monthly!  However it is an every other month subscription and it is about delicious food so I figure that makes up for it!  So the box that I am reviewing today is the Try the World Box.  The moment I found this box online I fell in love with the concept and ordered it right away.  The idea is, is that every two months you will receive a beautiful robin's egg blue box on your front step and inside will be the best treats and gourmet snacks from a country that is that month's theme! The first box I have received is the French box and  oh my it was filled with delicious treats!
On top of the box comes a little booklet all about the culture and lifestyle of the country that is being highlighted.  So for France, I was given popular french songs, classic poems, places to visit, and delicious recipes!  This is the perfect introduction to the box as you get a little taste of the country before you even take the first bite!
The first items I pulled from the box are these hot chocolate packets.  I am a huge fan of hot chocolate so I became very excited when I pulled these out!  I haven't had a chance to try these yet as Los Angeles is currently experiencing a heat wave, but I'm looking forward to some fall weather so I can whip these out! I also love the packaging of these little packets they're very French!
Next out was another beverage! Tea! I am a big tea drinker especially in the Summer so I was very excited for these and I actually tried one this morning and they're so delicious.  I'm definitely going to try and find this brand online because I really enjoyed their tea!
I don't have too much to say about this, only because I'm not the biggest fan of mustard, but I'm sure my Mom will be pleased with it as it has really nice packaging!
Oh I love Sea Salt, and I love this packaging.  I really want to make chocolate chip cookies with these! Have you guys ever had salted chocolate chip cookies?! They're so good! Maybe I can share a blogpost if I make them and they turn out well! Well anyway I am super excited about this one!
I brought these with me to school today because as a fashion student you never have time to eat a proper meal and these were so amazing!  I still have my second one left but it is so delicious and eating it I actually felt like I was having a treat straight for Paris!  I think its time to book a trip! Oui?
This is a little box of caramels and they are absolutely to die for. I didn't show you the inside as there are only one or two left but they were so good! I love caramel!
This is a chestnut spread and let's just begin that I love that this is in a tube.  I don't know why but I just think it is so cool!  I think this spread could possibly be really delicious on toast or a croissant! I'm definitely going to try it!
Lastly came two jams one in apricot and the other in blueberry.  Again I'm not the largest fan of jam, but my Grammy is so she will be very excited by this little treat! I know I've said this about every item, but I also love the packaging! The little glass jars are so cute!!

Ok so I think it is clear that I am slightly obsessed with the packaging from this box.  From the Try the World box with a hot air ballon, to the glass jars and salt containers every little detail was thought out making this box feel so authentic.  I understand now why the box does cost $45 which is a little pricey however since a box is only delivered every other month I don't think it is absurd!  I loved getting a little taste of all things French and can't wait for the next country and next box!  If you are adventurous with foods or just love the idea of travel this would be a perfect box for you! Leave a comment below with your favorite monthly subscription box service! I hope you have a lovely day guys! 

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  1. I love the stuff you got (especially the nougat, I have a secret addiction haha)
    I tagged you to do the Liebster awards tag, make sure you do it as well :) x