Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shopping Poketo | Mini Haul | Back to School

A year or two ago I heard about the Poketo store in Downtown Los Angeles, and as I learned more about the stores philosophy I fell in love.  The owners husband and wife Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung sell unique design driven wares from a variety of artists bringing exclusive pieces to buyers who shop in their stores.  I have loved so many of their products ranging from stationary and accessories, to lifestyle pieces and jewelry.  Next week as I'm headed back to L.A. for a new quarter at school I wanted to shop for a new backpack and laptop case perfect for when I am on the go! I spent all week finding the perfect size, price range and style and so when I went on the Nordstrom website and saw that they were collaborating with Poketo to create a pop up shop for Nordstrom I was beyond excited!  I knew that I would be able to find something unique that would cover all of the aspects I was looking for. I found my way over to the Poketo website and fell in love with these fleece striped pieces. I decided on the light grey backpack and the charcoal laptop case and was so pleased when they came in the mail only two days later.  They are absolutely perfect and the fleece makes them so soft.  The laptop case has a thick cushion that will actually protect my laptop compared to so many other cases I've had and I love the sky blue interior of the back pack as it adds a pop of color every time I open my bag.   But the best part of these finds were that they were so affordable. The back pack was $38 and the laptop case was only $18.  These two are perfect as they fit all of my needs, were a decent cost, and so cute! They have a few other color options if you are interested in either of them which you can find in the links I leave below!  And I will also leave a link to the Nordstrom & Poketo online pop-up shop if you are interested in other pieces that are popular.
Poketo Fleece Striped Backpack- $38 | The Poketo Store
Poketo Fleece Striped Laptop Case- $18 | The Poketo Store
Poketo & Nordstrom Online Pop-Up Shop | Pop Up Shop!
With my package, Poketo also enclosed cards and stickers.  I was particularly interested in their workshops that they are introducing into their stores in downtown Los Angeles, and Korea Town.  They are offering a variety of design, social media, and cooking classes.  I'm definitely interested in joining a few of their workshops and I thought you guys might be interested in them too!  If you live in L.A. or will be in the area when the workshops are offered you can sign up here!  I hope you guys enjoyed this post I honestly really love Poketo's style and all of their pieces.  If your headed back to school in the fall this backpack could be perfect for you! But let me know what bags you are loving for back to school in the comments below! Have a lovely day! -xx


  1. Ah I love Poketo! A long long time ago they had a collection at Target and I fell in love and purchased a wallet from them. Unfortunately I recently had to replace it since I wore it out so much. Definitely have to look into these fleece cases, they look so comfy...if cases could be comfy haha.

    Taylor |

    1. They are definitely comfy! I love your blog you are absolutely amazing! Thanks for reading my blog :) -xx Britt!

  2. I never heard of the brand Poketo before, but the design of the laptop case is very cute. I have to check this brand out.

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