Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shop With Me!

Having three weeks off of school gives me A LOT of free time and in that free time I shop.. A LOT. Shopping is not the healthiest of hobbies as it always leaves me with an empty bank account but it is by far my favorite past time activity.  After spending the last week drooling over these bits for your home and wardrobe I decided to make a little collage of all of my favorite pieces on my wish list! If I can't buy them, I may as well share them here!
First I absolutely adore this Wildfox "Congratulations to me, I made it out of bed" jumper.  I am a total sucker for all things Wildfox as their clothes are incredibly comfortable and so cute for lazy days in.  I could definitely see myself wearing this jumper when fall rolls around!
When I saw this keychain from Laduree I was instantly obsessed with it.  But I was not obsessed with its price tag.  Although I can justify most of my purchases in some way, 98$ for a keychain just seems too much for me, but it is SO cute!!
I loove this 'Goodnight' sign from Anthropologie.  I think it would look so pretty in my room and it is just so dainty and dreamlike its a must have on my wish list!
Shopping on the Zara website is always dangerous for me as I instantly fall in love with their entire seasonal lookbook but I grew particularly attached to these cowhide sandals.  I keep coming back to them and I think I must order them or they are going to begin appearing in my dreams!
The Wildfox sleep mask surprised me because most things Wildfox are so expensive.  Several months ago I eyed a sleep mask from Wildfox that was so lovely but I wouldn't allow myself to buy it because it cost way too much money. And I am so happy I waited because I think this one is so pretty and is a fraction of the cost. I love this sleep mask because it looks so romantic and vintage inspired but I don't think it is going to happen.  
Since the day this Jo Malone scent arrived I have been absolutely in love with it.  Peonies are my favorite flower and I love their delicate scent and Jo Malone captured it so perfectly.  I've been wanting to purchase this fragrance for ages but haven't gotten to it and it is now my mission to get it!
I saw this dress on ASOS and instantly wanted to order it.  I love sundresses in the summer time and I love this t-shirt style with a ruffle skirt silhouette. It just looks so comfortable and cute and I need it !!!
I have been searching for a perfect pair of sunglasses, and I'm not sure if my head is an odd shape, or if I "don't have a face for sunglasses" but I haven't been able to find the right ones and I think these might be it. At least I hope they could be because they are so pretty!
Lastly on my list, is the AvoBath Bath Bomb from Lush is one of my favorite bath bombs for summer because it is so refreshing and light and perfectly for a morning bath before a day in the sun.  I love the scent and leaves my skin so moisturized I just want to buy a basketful of them!

So those are all of the items on my wish list for July, well at least the beginning! 
( a girl can dream right? )  I'll leave links below to each of the items I wrote about as to where you can purchase them, or drool as I have been doing! Hopefully you got some ideas as to items you want on your wish list or maybe you were inspired to create your own!  If you make a list leave a link in the comments below so I can check out what your loving! Have a lovely day guys!

'Goodnight' Wire Sign - Anthropologie $38.00
Zara Cowhide Sandal - Zara $89.00
Wildfox Cheeky Eyemask - Wildfox $28.00
ASOS Mink Pink Sunglasses - Mink Pink via ASOS $62.88
Lush AvoBath Bath Bomb - Lush $6.35

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