Thursday, July 3, 2014

Photo Journal : Date Night!

   After losing a bet, Trevor owed me a date, and I was very excited for whatever he had planned.  I came over to his house and he was busy all over the kitchen cooking dinner and I had no idea what we would be doing! Thinking we were sitting down to dinner, I was surprised when he packed up dinner and said he were headed out!  We ended up at the Great Park in Orange County which is home to the World's Largest helium balloon.  We watched the sunset on a giant picnic blanket eating mac and cheese, mangos, and lemonade.  (My favorite kind of dinner ! tehehe )  When we were done eating we packed up and took a walk to the ponds and found the cutest little family of ducks and the babies kept falling into the water.  It was so cute!  Then when it was dark we got tickets and headed up on the balloon!  It raises up 400 feet in the air and we can see so far out all across Orange County pretty.  This was one of my favorite dates Trevor has ever taken me on. He thought of all of my favorite foods, and made it so much fun just spending time together and going on the little adventure!  I hope you enjoyed this post, its a little bit different but I wanted to share it with you to help give you ideas if you're going out on a date.  Sometimes it doesn't need to be any complicated or super fancy its just about a night together with some delicious food and doing something fun together.   What's your favorite date night? Leave a comment below with what you like to do for dates whether its date night with your best friend or your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse let me know what you like to do!  Have a lovely day! -xx


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