Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bobbi Brown | Nude on Nude Palette

Last week I went shopping through the Nordstrom beauty department to pick up a few of my staple make up items and was shown this Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude palette set and immediately fell in love.  The anniversary sale is currently going on at Nordstrom which means that all of the different clothing and make up brands are giving great deals to Nordstrom customers on all of the newest products before fall begins. Recently I've wanted to buy a new palette but I just couldn't settle on what brand I wanted to try and when I saw this palette I knew it would be perfect. At first I wasn't entirely thrilled on the price tag as it cost $85 but when I realized that I was getting 12 shadows and a full size mascara as well as a full sized eyeliner I knew that it was quite a good deal.  When I got home I could barely wait to try it and immediately popped it open to begin experimenting with all of the colors and oh my gosh let me tell you they are amazing.  The shadows are all densely pigmented and also very buildable.  I love the variety of shimmer and matte shades that make this palette so versatile for day and night looks.  Over the last week I've been able to achieve so many different looks from a lazy day look, to work and school appropriate, as well as a really nice smokey night out eye.  I'm usually a snob with my mascara but I gave this one a go and was pleasantly surprised by it as well.  The mascara is extremely volumizing without flaking or smudging at all through out the day.  The gel eyeliner I actually really loved as it glides on my eyelid really smoothly and blends super nicely for a smoky eye look.  The colors from left to right are; Ivory, Chiffon Sparkle, Gold Pink Metallic, Graphite Sparkle, Gold Sparkle, Naked, Bare Metallic, Birch, Smokey Topaz Metallic, Truffle, Golden Bronze, and Espresso. I have loved a lot of Bobbi Brown products but this palette is by far my favorite and I definitely recommend it!  Have a lovely day guys! 

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