Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birchbox | Monthly Beauty Box Subscription

If you read my Ipsy post last Tuesday than you know that every Tuesday for the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing different monthly subscription boxes and I actually decided that some of them may not be beauty related but just other monthly subscription services I've been trying!  So this week I am reviewing Birchbox which is a beauty subscription service that costs $10 a month.  In each box you receive 5 or 6 samples that range from beauty products to hair and skin care!  They also have a men's box called Birchbox Man if anyone is interested! (Could be a great gift! ;)  I always love getting my box here because although the samples are quite small I get to try really amazing products that I almost always love!  One of the best aspects of Birchbox is that any product that you are sent to try you can immediately order from their online shop which is so convenient!  So I'll get right into my products that I was sent this month!
First off I was sent this Body Radiance Lotion by Naobay which smells absolutely amazing.  I immediately loved this product as it is all natural and moisturizes my skin with olive oil, avocado oil, and shea butter with aloe vera. I can really feel a difference in my skin when I use it and it has definitely become my go to body lotion that I take everywhere with me.
Next I was sent this dry shampoo by Klorane.  I for one love dry shampoo it is perfect for giving your hair a little extra bit of texture when your styling it and this stuff is so nice!  It is made with oat milk and actually smells pretty good!  My recommendation with this though is to make sure to brush through your hair after you spray it in to evenly distribute the powder otherwise your hair will be white and powdery and nobody wants that!!
These little guys are Gingerade Shower Gel.  They are an all natural cleanser with aloe and green tea to leave the skin nourished and hydrated.  I was slightly unimpressed when I first opened this in the box as these samples were so small and I didn't expect much from them.  But I was so wrong! I tried them in the shower today and they are so lovely!  They smell so good and I love that when I'm using it I'm not putting any harsh chemicals on my skin!  It's so nice knowing that what I'm putting on my skin is actually healthy and not damaging in anyway!  I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this!
I also received this Sumita Navy Blue eyeliner.  I wasn't crazy about this product but I am happy that I had the chance to try it.  I think the color is really lovely but it smeared and didn't stay in place through out the day so I don't think I will continue using it, however now I am definitely on the search for a navy eyeliner! Any suggestions?
Lastly I was sent this Vasanti Detox purifying cleanser.  I was super hesitant trying this cleanser as my skin can be very fussy and doesn't like change very much.  But I felt that if I am going to give the best review I can then it at least deserves a shot!  I was actually very impressed with this cleanser.  It smells absolutely amazing and is made with grapeseed oil that brightens your face and cleanses your pores. I haven't necessarily seen a dramatic change in my skin since using it, however my skin didn't react poorly to it which is huge, and it did make my skin feel very soft!  
Overall I did really enjoy my Birchbox.  I think that this is a great subscription service for someone who values natural products and wants to try something new every month! I have loved all the body care products I've received. I do wish that I could try a few more beauty samples rather than body products but I have enjoyed it none the less. It is a great price for only 10$ but you definitely get small sample sizes!  
So, so far I have reviewed both Birchbox and Ipsy which you can find that post Here!!  I've definitely liked them for different reasons.  I think Ipsy gives amazing make up products whereas I really enjoy Birchbox for their body products.  So it truly depends what you are looking for if you are trying to decide between these two boxes!  I have several more boxes that I am really excited to review so definitely check back next week to see what I review next!! I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Leave a comment if you have tried Birchbox or if there is another subscription service you love!! Have a lovely day!! -xx Britt
Naobay Body Radiance Lotion: Naobay Radiance Lotion $24
Klorane Dry Shampoo: Klorane Dry Shampoo $19.50
Gingerade Cleanser: Gingerade Cleanser $15.00
Sumita Eyeliner: Sumita Eye Liner $21.00
Vasanti Detox Cleanser: Vasanti Detox Cleanser $24.00


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