Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Try the World | Subscription Box

So today's post is a little bit different! I am still continuing with my Tuesday monthly subscription box reviews it just so happens though that this week's box isn't about beauty and it's not monthly!  However it is an every other month subscription and it is about delicious food so I figure that makes up for it!  So the box that I am reviewing today is the Try the World Box.  The moment I found this box online I fell in love with the concept and ordered it right away.  The idea is, is that every two months you will receive a beautiful robin's egg blue box on your front step and inside will be the best treats and gourmet snacks from a country that is that month's theme! The first box I have received is the French box and  oh my it was filled with delicious treats!
On top of the box comes a little booklet all about the culture and lifestyle of the country that is being highlighted.  So for France, I was given popular french songs, classic poems, places to visit, and delicious recipes!  This is the perfect introduction to the box as you get a little taste of the country before you even take the first bite!
The first items I pulled from the box are these hot chocolate packets.  I am a huge fan of hot chocolate so I became very excited when I pulled these out!  I haven't had a chance to try these yet as Los Angeles is currently experiencing a heat wave, but I'm looking forward to some fall weather so I can whip these out! I also love the packaging of these little packets they're very French!
Next out was another beverage! Tea! I am a big tea drinker especially in the Summer so I was very excited for these and I actually tried one this morning and they're so delicious.  I'm definitely going to try and find this brand online because I really enjoyed their tea!
I don't have too much to say about this, only because I'm not the biggest fan of mustard, but I'm sure my Mom will be pleased with it as it has really nice packaging!
Oh I love Sea Salt, and I love this packaging.  I really want to make chocolate chip cookies with these! Have you guys ever had salted chocolate chip cookies?! They're so good! Maybe I can share a blogpost if I make them and they turn out well! Well anyway I am super excited about this one!
I brought these with me to school today because as a fashion student you never have time to eat a proper meal and these were so amazing!  I still have my second one left but it is so delicious and eating it I actually felt like I was having a treat straight for Paris!  I think its time to book a trip! Oui?
This is a little box of caramels and they are absolutely to die for. I didn't show you the inside as there are only one or two left but they were so good! I love caramel!
This is a chestnut spread and let's just begin that I love that this is in a tube.  I don't know why but I just think it is so cool!  I think this spread could possibly be really delicious on toast or a croissant! I'm definitely going to try it!
Lastly came two jams one in apricot and the other in blueberry.  Again I'm not the largest fan of jam, but my Grammy is so she will be very excited by this little treat! I know I've said this about every item, but I also love the packaging! The little glass jars are so cute!!

Ok so I think it is clear that I am slightly obsessed with the packaging from this box.  From the Try the World box with a hot air ballon, to the glass jars and salt containers every little detail was thought out making this box feel so authentic.  I understand now why the box does cost $45 which is a little pricey however since a box is only delivered every other month I don't think it is absurd!  I loved getting a little taste of all things French and can't wait for the next country and next box!  If you are adventurous with foods or just love the idea of travel this would be a perfect box for you! Leave a comment below with your favorite monthly subscription box service! I hope you have a lovely day guys! 

What's In My Bag?! | Video #2

Oh my gosh literally I have spent the entire day trying to get this video to upload but it was being so stubborn. So it is a little late, but I finally have my Monday video.  This week I made a What's in my Bag video and I hope you guys like it!!!!  I bought my bag at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale which you can buy Here!!  I'm having so much fun making these videos and I hope you enjoy them! I would love if you left a comment with what other videos you would like to see from me! Have a lovely day!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bobbi Brown | Nude on Nude Palette

Last week I went shopping through the Nordstrom beauty department to pick up a few of my staple make up items and was shown this Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude palette set and immediately fell in love.  The anniversary sale is currently going on at Nordstrom which means that all of the different clothing and make up brands are giving great deals to Nordstrom customers on all of the newest products before fall begins. Recently I've wanted to buy a new palette but I just couldn't settle on what brand I wanted to try and when I saw this palette I knew it would be perfect. At first I wasn't entirely thrilled on the price tag as it cost $85 but when I realized that I was getting 12 shadows and a full size mascara as well as a full sized eyeliner I knew that it was quite a good deal.  When I got home I could barely wait to try it and immediately popped it open to begin experimenting with all of the colors and oh my gosh let me tell you they are amazing.  The shadows are all densely pigmented and also very buildable.  I love the variety of shimmer and matte shades that make this palette so versatile for day and night looks.  Over the last week I've been able to achieve so many different looks from a lazy day look, to work and school appropriate, as well as a really nice smokey night out eye.  I'm usually a snob with my mascara but I gave this one a go and was pleasantly surprised by it as well.  The mascara is extremely volumizing without flaking or smudging at all through out the day.  The gel eyeliner I actually really loved as it glides on my eyelid really smoothly and blends super nicely for a smoky eye look.  The colors from left to right are; Ivory, Chiffon Sparkle, Gold Pink Metallic, Graphite Sparkle, Gold Sparkle, Naked, Bare Metallic, Birch, Smokey Topaz Metallic, Truffle, Golden Bronze, and Espresso. I have loved a lot of Bobbi Brown products but this palette is by far my favorite and I definitely recommend it!  Have a lovely day guys! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Maps of Versailles | Lookbook

Cropped Tank: Topshop, Map of Versailles Skirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Ted Baker

Yesterday was one of my closest friend's and former roommate Drew's birthday!  I wanted to treat him, so we went to Bottega Louie which is one of my favorite restaurants in downtown L.A. We got all dressed up and ate the most amazing chocolate souffl√©.  If you are in Los Angeles I absolutely recommend this restaurant!  I found this bag at the Nordstrom anniversary sale and fell in love with it.  It is from Ted Baker and it has the prettiest rose gold bow.  I love the size as it is perfect for carrying my laptop when I am out and about and it just fits absolutely everything!  My skirt is one of my favorite pieces this summer! I found it at Anthropologie and I just think it is such a flattering silhouette and love how bright and colorful it is.  The skirt is actually a map of Paris and Versailles and I love how whimsical it is.  I hope you guys enjoy this post and that it might inspire you with your outfit for a night out!  I would love if you left a comment below with one of your favorite night out outfits or your blog so that I can see your style! Have a lovely day!-xx 
Here is the crop top from Topshop just in another color! : Top Shop Crop Top : $16
Anthropologie Map of Versailles Skirt: Anthropologie Map of Versailles Skirt : $118
Ted Baker Bag: Ted Baker Bag : $99

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birchbox | Monthly Beauty Box Subscription

If you read my Ipsy post last Tuesday than you know that every Tuesday for the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing different monthly subscription boxes and I actually decided that some of them may not be beauty related but just other monthly subscription services I've been trying!  So this week I am reviewing Birchbox which is a beauty subscription service that costs $10 a month.  In each box you receive 5 or 6 samples that range from beauty products to hair and skin care!  They also have a men's box called Birchbox Man if anyone is interested! (Could be a great gift! ;)  I always love getting my box here because although the samples are quite small I get to try really amazing products that I almost always love!  One of the best aspects of Birchbox is that any product that you are sent to try you can immediately order from their online shop which is so convenient!  So I'll get right into my products that I was sent this month!
First off I was sent this Body Radiance Lotion by Naobay which smells absolutely amazing.  I immediately loved this product as it is all natural and moisturizes my skin with olive oil, avocado oil, and shea butter with aloe vera. I can really feel a difference in my skin when I use it and it has definitely become my go to body lotion that I take everywhere with me.
Next I was sent this dry shampoo by Klorane.  I for one love dry shampoo it is perfect for giving your hair a little extra bit of texture when your styling it and this stuff is so nice!  It is made with oat milk and actually smells pretty good!  My recommendation with this though is to make sure to brush through your hair after you spray it in to evenly distribute the powder otherwise your hair will be white and powdery and nobody wants that!!
These little guys are Gingerade Shower Gel.  They are an all natural cleanser with aloe and green tea to leave the skin nourished and hydrated.  I was slightly unimpressed when I first opened this in the box as these samples were so small and I didn't expect much from them.  But I was so wrong! I tried them in the shower today and they are so lovely!  They smell so good and I love that when I'm using it I'm not putting any harsh chemicals on my skin!  It's so nice knowing that what I'm putting on my skin is actually healthy and not damaging in anyway!  I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this!
I also received this Sumita Navy Blue eyeliner.  I wasn't crazy about this product but I am happy that I had the chance to try it.  I think the color is really lovely but it smeared and didn't stay in place through out the day so I don't think I will continue using it, however now I am definitely on the search for a navy eyeliner! Any suggestions?
Lastly I was sent this Vasanti Detox purifying cleanser.  I was super hesitant trying this cleanser as my skin can be very fussy and doesn't like change very much.  But I felt that if I am going to give the best review I can then it at least deserves a shot!  I was actually very impressed with this cleanser.  It smells absolutely amazing and is made with grapeseed oil that brightens your face and cleanses your pores. I haven't necessarily seen a dramatic change in my skin since using it, however my skin didn't react poorly to it which is huge, and it did make my skin feel very soft!  
Overall I did really enjoy my Birchbox.  I think that this is a great subscription service for someone who values natural products and wants to try something new every month! I have loved all the body care products I've received. I do wish that I could try a few more beauty samples rather than body products but I have enjoyed it none the less. It is a great price for only 10$ but you definitely get small sample sizes!  
So, so far I have reviewed both Birchbox and Ipsy which you can find that post Here!!  I've definitely liked them for different reasons.  I think Ipsy gives amazing make up products whereas I really enjoy Birchbox for their body products.  So it truly depends what you are looking for if you are trying to decide between these two boxes!  I have several more boxes that I am really excited to review so definitely check back next week to see what I review next!! I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Leave a comment if you have tried Birchbox or if there is another subscription service you love!! Have a lovely day!! -xx Britt
Naobay Body Radiance Lotion: Naobay Radiance Lotion $24
Klorane Dry Shampoo: Klorane Dry Shampoo $19.50
Gingerade Cleanser: Gingerade Cleanser $15.00
Sumita Eyeliner: Sumita Eye Liner $21.00
Vasanti Detox Cleanser: Vasanti Detox Cleanser $24.00

Monday, July 21, 2014

My First Video | JustBritt

Hi guys! I know its Monday and that I normally post on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but I've decided to start a YouTube channel and I'm going to post my videos on Monday!  This is just a small introduction so I can get the hang of it! I had so much fun making this video so I hope you guys enjoy it!! If you do make sure to subscribe or give it a thumbs up!  I would love to hear comments or suggestions of what you would like to see in the future!! Have a lovely day! Thanks for watching !!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Topshop: Mixing Prints!

My amazing friend Drew who writes the menswear blog I'm Drew Scott took these photos of my OOTD from a few weeks ago and I am finally getting a chance to share them!  I had so much fun with this look as I love mixing prints and patterns and loved the bright pink for a summer's day out! My entire outfit is from Topshop and it's like these pieces were made for each other. I fell in love with these shoes when I found them as I've seen Hawaiian prints as being so popular this season and wanted to find a way to incorporate this print into my wardrobe without going overboard. These were perfect! I paired it with my new favorite summertime item which is skorts!  They are just so much fun because you can have the fun feminine element of a mini skirt without the inconvenience of an actual mini skirt if you know what I mean.  I just loved this outfit because I felt so playful and fun in it and I think that is translated in my pictures!  I went online to find these items for you all incase your interested and I found these shoes on sale! Yay!  You can find them at Nordstrom for $25 Here!  I couldn't find my croptop however I did find a really similar pink crop top from Topshop and its only $10 which you can purchase Here! I also found a really cute skort in the same style from Topshop which you can buy here that I think would be perfect for summer! You can buy this one from Topshop Here!  I really love to see what you guys wear for your favorite summer's day out look so if you have a post leave a link to your blog below!! Have a lovely day guys! -xx Britt

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kaya di Koko & Paper Sails | Photoshoot

Sunglasses: Body Glove, Resort Tee: Kaya Di Koko, Shorts, Kaya Di Koko, Platform Sandals: Zara
Now that I am back in L.A. and back to school, I'm also back to my internship!   I work for two separate brands that are both designed by the amazing Galina Sobolev.  The brands are Single Dress and Kaya di Koko and all of their clothes are absolutely amazing.  So this morning when I got to my internship my boss was showing me the newest samples that were just finished and before I knew it I was trying them on and we were doing a photo shoot!  It was only a fun impromptu little photo session to see how the clothes looked on but after trying them on I absolutely fell in love!  I loved the clean crispness of this outfit and the amazing color of this top! It is so simple, but just throw on an amazing pair of sunglasses with a simple outfit and your good to go! My favorite accessory through the day was my flower headband that my boss designs on the side and sells on her online shop which you can purchase Here: at Paper Sails Studio.  I absolutely loved this fresh summer outfit and I can't wait to have this in my wardrobe.  Unfortunately you can't purchase this top yet as it is still a new sample but I will definitely update you guys when you can purchase it!  Leave a comment below with your favorite summer accessory or even leave a link with your blog so I can check out your summer style! Have a lovely day! -xx

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ipsy | Monthly Beauty Subscription

Last year was the first year I had heard about monthly beauty subscription boxes. I immediately fell in love with the idea of getting a package sent in the mail each month filled with treats and samples for me to try introducing me to new brands and products.  I wanted to find the best subscription service where I could get the products that best fit my needs as well as try products that I'm interested in and somewhere along the way ended up subscribing to way too many different beauty boxes.  It started with just one or two and somehow accumulated to 6 boxes on my front door each month.  I realized that what I really wish I had was a blogger who would be honest about each of the boxes they tried and make it a little easier for me to figure what beauty subscription would be the best choice for me!  Well, I haven't seen anyone do this yet, (there may be loads of people who have already done this) but I've set out to try a few of the best beauty boxes and report back with what I think of them!  That way you can treat yourself with out the hassle of trying a bunch of different boxes and spending too much!  So lets begin!
The first monthly beauty subscription I am going to highlight is Ipsy, as of yet Ipsy is my absolute favorite subscription I have received.  My Ipsy Glam Bag just came in the mail a few days ago and I am already obsessed with the products I was sent. But one of the best parts about my subscription is that I only pay $10 for the month and I not only get to try amazing new products but  I get a new make up bag each month as well!  So I'll give you a little review on the products I received and how I'm liking them so far! 
First off I pulled out this Healthy Sexy Hair Beach Spray by Sexy Hair.  At first I was slightly annoyed as the bottle seemed to have leaked however Ipsy seemed to have anticipated this and did keep it in a separate bag from the other products.  Once I tried it though I was absolutely sold. My hair is already quite textured so I didn't think I would need it but after spraying it in I was so pleased with what it did for my hair.  The Argan Oil left my hair feeling conditioned while the beach spray defined my curls and made my natural hair look and feel so lovely.  Plus this stuff smells absolutely amazing.  I definitely think I will be purchasing the full size bottle of this.
Next up is the Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil. As you might have noticed I am really pale and don't like to spend very much time in the sun as it isn't good for my skin so I don't think I will personally be getting much out of this product, however I'm sure plenty of my friends will enjoy it.  What I did like about this product even though I won't be using it is that the tanning oil is entirely organic and paraben free which I always find important in cosmetics.  So if you are in search of a tanning oil this might be a great choice for you! 
Going along with the summer sun kissed theme, I pulled out this bronzer from Pop Beauty.  Even though I like being pretty pale I do like to appear the slightest bit bronzed in the face so it looks like I have been out in the sunshine at least a little bit so I will definitely be popping this in my make up bag from now on.  This bronzer has a really beauty subtle shimmer to it.  It isn't sparkly at all but it will really give off the impression that you have spent the day in the sun and that is my favorite way to look! 
Also in the bag is this tinted lip balm by Pixi in the color Pretty Pink.  I was so excited when I pulled this out as I've been wanting to try these crayon type tinted lip balms for quite a while and was even more pleased when I saw how beautiful the color is.  It smells really minty which I always enjoy in any lipstick and was even more impressed when I tried it on and saw how pigmented it was.  I just think it is so cute and miniture!  The swatch of the color is below!
The top swatch is the Pixi Tinted Brilliance Lip Balm in the color : Pretty Pink and the bottom swatch is the Bare Minerals 5 in 1 Cream Eye Shadow.
Last but not least is the Bare Minerals 5 in 1 Cream Eye Shadow.  I'm not exactly sure what color I was sent as there is no label but it does look to me like the shade Elegant Taupe from what I can see online. Anyway, I am absolutely in love with this product.  Previously I've had only a few experiences with Bare Minerals and I wasn't entirely sold only because I tended to spill the loose powders everywhere!  However this is absolutely amazing. It is called the 5 in 1 because it lasts for 12 hours, includes a primer so that it won't smudge or smear on your eyes, it brightens your eyes, smooths lines on your eyelid, and contains SPF 15 to protect your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays.  I didn't know how I would feel about a cream eye shadow in this type of container but it can be applied so easily and blends perfectly onto my eyes. It is perfect for when your going out and just feel tired or a little bit gross because it brightens your eyes and really makes all of your make up look a lot fresher! I can't wait to try their other colors!
This bag is what all of my goodies came in! I think it is so fun and perfect for summer as it is bright pink faux leather and looks feminine and fun with the scalloped edges. It is the perfect size and I'm already loving keeping it in my bag to hold my make-up essentials all day long!
I honestly love the Ipsy Glam Bags and I hope this possibly inspired you to treat yourself to a little present. I love that I only pay 10$ a month and get to try all of these amazing products.  I plan every Tuesday for the next several weeks to continue sharing my opinions on some of the other beauty boxes I have tried and my experiences with them!  I will link to where you can find each of these products below and where you can subscribe online to Ipsy if you would like to start receiving these monthly little treats! Have a lovely day guys! -xx
Subscribe to Ipsy Glam Bag! : Ipsy Glam Bag  : $10.00
Sexy Hair Soy Beach Spray with Argan Oil : Sexy Hair Beach Spray : $19.95
Hang Ten Organic Tanning Oil : Hang Ten Tanning Oil : $11.99
Pop Beauty Sun kissed Bronzer in 'Secret Sunshine' : Sun Kissed Pop Beauty Bronzer : $10.00
Pixi 'Pretty Pink' Tinted Brilliance Lip Balm : Pixi Tinted Brilliance Lip Balm : $14.00
Bare Minerals 5 in 1 Cream Eye Shadow : Bare Minerals 5 in 1 Cream Eye Shadow : $18.00

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shopping Poketo | Mini Haul | Back to School

A year or two ago I heard about the Poketo store in Downtown Los Angeles, and as I learned more about the stores philosophy I fell in love.  The owners husband and wife Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung sell unique design driven wares from a variety of artists bringing exclusive pieces to buyers who shop in their stores.  I have loved so many of their products ranging from stationary and accessories, to lifestyle pieces and jewelry.  Next week as I'm headed back to L.A. for a new quarter at school I wanted to shop for a new backpack and laptop case perfect for when I am on the go! I spent all week finding the perfect size, price range and style and so when I went on the Nordstrom website and saw that they were collaborating with Poketo to create a pop up shop for Nordstrom I was beyond excited!  I knew that I would be able to find something unique that would cover all of the aspects I was looking for. I found my way over to the Poketo website and fell in love with these fleece striped pieces. I decided on the light grey backpack and the charcoal laptop case and was so pleased when they came in the mail only two days later.  They are absolutely perfect and the fleece makes them so soft.  The laptop case has a thick cushion that will actually protect my laptop compared to so many other cases I've had and I love the sky blue interior of the back pack as it adds a pop of color every time I open my bag.   But the best part of these finds were that they were so affordable. The back pack was $38 and the laptop case was only $18.  These two are perfect as they fit all of my needs, were a decent cost, and so cute! They have a few other color options if you are interested in either of them which you can find in the links I leave below!  And I will also leave a link to the Nordstrom & Poketo online pop-up shop if you are interested in other pieces that are popular.
Poketo Fleece Striped Backpack- $38 | The Poketo Store
Poketo Fleece Striped Laptop Case- $18 | The Poketo Store
Poketo & Nordstrom Online Pop-Up Shop | Pop Up Shop!
With my package, Poketo also enclosed cards and stickers.  I was particularly interested in their workshops that they are introducing into their stores in downtown Los Angeles, and Korea Town.  They are offering a variety of design, social media, and cooking classes.  I'm definitely interested in joining a few of their workshops and I thought you guys might be interested in them too!  If you live in L.A. or will be in the area when the workshops are offered you can sign up here!  I hope you guys enjoyed this post I honestly really love Poketo's style and all of their pieces.  If your headed back to school in the fall this backpack could be perfect for you! But let me know what bags you are loving for back to school in the comments below! Have a lovely day! -xx