Monday, June 23, 2014

Mix #2: "Sumatran Tigers"

Waking up this morning, knowing that it is officially Summer and knowing that I have no where to be, or nothing that I need to do is one of the best feelings in the world.  I've been dancing around the house all morning eating belgian waffles and learning all the lyrics to Ed Sheeran's album that came out today. Yum!  Last week Lana Del Rey's album Ultraviolence came out so together the last two weeks in music has been literally amazing.  So I put together a beginning of Summer playlist, it has no particular mood which can be confusing for some people but I personally like a mixture of music that isn't necessarily all at the same tempo. My favorite song on this playlist is by Portugal. the Man entitled "Sumatran Tiger" also known as the 'Endangered Song'.  What is cool about this song is that Portugal. the Man worked with Smithsonian Zoo to help raise awareness about the Sumatran Tiger that is endangered.  There are only 400 of these tigers left, so Portugal made 400 lathe cut polycarbonate records and sent it to 400 of their fans/family etc. With each listen, the vinyl degrades and would've become extinct unless it was digitally reproduced.  They encouraged those 400 people who received the song to share it.  On YouTube, SoundCloud, and all other platforms of social media.  There point was to make it up to the people to raise awareness and share it with the community.  "This is not only about the tigers, this is about conservation and the sharing of ideas and raising awareness...this time we are trying to do something a little bit different."  I think it is absolutely amazing what they have done with this song and I think it is all of our responsibilities to make a change and start working to conserve our environment and our animals.  If you would like to donate towards protecting these tigers you can click the donate button below. Every bit counts.  If you feel that you can't make a contribution thats okay too, instead share this post and raise awareness to these tigers and conservation. I hope you have a lovely day :)

Playlist Songs: "Sumatran Tiger" : Portugal. The Man, "Magic" : Coldplay, "1957" : Milo Greene, "Shades of Cool" Lana Del Rey, "Giants" : Bear Hands, "When They Fight They Fight" : The Generationals, "All of Me" : Tanlines, "Keep You" : Wild Belle 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy to be Home : June 2014

Jean Jacket: Free People, Shorts: Hinge, Shoes: Cole Haan, Bag: Poverty Flats
The best part about summer time coming around is the nights and how warm they are.  I love sitting by the window and hearing all of the crickets as I tap away at my computer as I'm doing now.  As summer is starting I am stocking up on patterned and printed shorts as I find they are the perfect way to brighten up your outfit and make your look youthful and warm for summer.  A simple pattern like these polka dot shorts from Hinge! are my short of choice and I absolutely love them because they are clean and simple.  Previously I've boycotted shorts as I'm not interested in skimpy, distressed shorts that are too short and too tight, but I love this style as I find it so flattering on any body type!  As for my shoes, I adore Cole Haan as they are so comfortable and I couldn't help but snatch them up when I saw them!  What's your favorite go to outfit now that summer time has rolled around? Let me know in the comments or leave a link to your blog post! Happy Summer guys!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Easy Summer Look & Happy Day:

Top: Madison and Berkley, Skirt: Topshop, Platform Sandals: Zara
Tonight I am sat all cozy on the couch with my cousin and aunt watching movies and Netflix and eating breakfast for dinner.  I was feeling particularly inspired today and took a quick stop at the market picking up berries and yogurt and nutella and toast and it was absolutely delicious. With finals finished, I have three weeks to do as I please and I can't wait to drive home tomorrow and escape the city for a few weeks.  I plan to write a lot more and focus on my outfit posts and even some baking posts!  As far as my outfit today, I wanted to keep it simple and comfortable as it's getting warmer and I found this funny tank on the sales rack at Nordstrom and I couldn't resist!  My platform sandals are my absolute favorite new shoes because they give me a little extra height without making my feet hurt at all!  I tried to find them online but they seem to be out of stock, however shopping in Zara shoes online I found a few more obsessions that I might just have to purchase! Great... (sigh...) Anyways I cannot wait to rest up for a few days and lounge on the beach (wearing plenty of sunscreen), and ready plenty of books.  Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments! Have a lovely day guys:)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

IDW Anyshapes Phone Case!

Outfit Details: Jacket: Pure Sugar, Top: Zara, Jeans: Page, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Poverty Flats
Happy Sunday everyone. I love Sunday's, mostly because they consist of sleeping in, brunch, and a good book before an episode of Game of Thrones.  But today has been no such Sunday.  The Sunday before finals creates quite a different picture consisting of getting up early, hours of projects, ink stained fingers, and absolutely no time for the Game of Thrones season finale.  To give myself a little break from finals prep weekend I went out on the town with my old roommate and dear friend Drew last night for dinner and shooting our OOTD in Westwood.  I adore Westwood as it is home to small coffee shops, delicious ice cream stores, and vintage shop windows to look at.  We could hardly wait to see how the pictures turned out since we were using my new camera lens that came in the post this week!  I also want to mention my phone case that I am absolutely obsessed with.  It is made by a designer phone case brand called IDW. Their brand is so cool because all of their phone cases are 3D and you can design the case yourself to make it fit your outfit perfectly! I got the envelope style case in mint and it looks like an adorable little package! You can customize and order yours here Post a comment with a picture of whichever phone case you order too! I hope you guys enjoyed this little update, outfit post and have a lovely week! -xx

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Essentials For Every Girl's Beauty Shelf

Hey there! I’m Jennifer Lieskovan; I run my own blog at where I post about beauty and my own personal style. I am a fashion journalism student here San Francisco and I lead a pretty busy life. When it comes to beauty and style, I like to keep it easy but still pretty and put together. But above all that, I also happen to be Brittany’s cousin! Britt did a style post on my blog a couple months back and now it is time for me to return the favor. We talked it out and decided together that I should tell you guys my summer must have products. I picked a variety of drugstore and higher end products for every type of girl. Whether you are interested in a bright lip, smooth hair or a pretty glow I’ve got your back!

Bare Minerals – READY Illuminizer Duo $24
I use this product as a highlighter. I apply it on my cheekbones, forehead and anywhere else where I want a little shine on my skin.  Because one side is a light bronze and the other is a pink-based shade, they give your skin the most wonderful glow when mixed. They have a very soft shimmer that thankfully doesn’t make you look like your covered in glitter, it just makes your skin look natural! I use a Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply it and it lasts all day without feeling like you have a heavy powder. It is the simplest product that can truly transform your entire look for summer!

I swear by these! Words do not describe my love for these little bad boys. They are so compact but they pack so much pigment and color. The chubby sticks are definitely a go to for summer.  They not only are packed with beautiful color, but they also are an amazing lip balm! The colors I picked for summer are my three favorites from the Chubby Stick Collection. I chose Plushest Punch which is an amazing hot pink with raspberry undertones. Heftiest Hibiscus is the perfect red orange that works for anyone and works wonderfully with the summer trend of orange lips. Last but not least is Pudgy Peony; this one is a slightly different formula than the other two. It doesn’t have the same amount of pigmentation, but it is very buildable. If your intimidated by the lilac shades of summer, this is a good way to try it out. It is a pretty pink, but it has purple undertones. Needless to say, they are all perfect for summer. If you are at the beach or maybe you just don’t feel like wearing makeup, swipe one of these on for a playful look.

Urban Decay – Eyeshadow in Easy Baked $18
I am a sucker for bronze eyeshadow but during the summer I want one that looks natural and brightens up my eye area. This shadow is advertised as a ‘light bronze shimmer’ but I would consider it more of a champagne with very little shimmer. For me, it is just barely lighter than my natural eyelid color, so it brightens my eyes and gives them a pretty and natural looking awakeness. Urban Decay shadows are so pretty and pigmented so you don’t need a lot to complete your look and so the shadow will also last a long time. When I apply it I use a Smashbox Eye Contour Brush since it picks up a great deal of product, but you can really use any eyeshaddow brush. This shadow is literally perfect for everyone; it goes with any eye color and looks wonderfully lovely.

Benefit – Hoola Bronzer $28
I get so exhausted by all of the bronzers that have shimmer in them so when I found this, buying it was the easiest decision ever. Because I wear sunblock on my face all day everyday, generally my face is a shade or so lighter than my body. I love that it is a completely matte bronze that sweeps on easily with a Real Techniques Blush Brush. I apply it in a ‘C’ motion from my temple down through the hollows of my cheeks. I sweep it around my jaw and blend it into my neck then I brush some up around my hairline. I then remove all the excess powder from the brush and use it to blend out the harsh lines into my face in small circular motions. The method keeps the contour but makes it softer helps my face match the rest of my tan.

This is an oldie but a goodie for me. I have been using this since middle school, plus my mom and my grandmother both swear by it. I always do a coat after washing my face, before applying my makeup and every time in between. If I know I’m going to be outside without makeup I will throw this in my bag so I can reapply it throughout the day. There are very few products in my collection that I feel like there is nothing that can beat it, and this is one of them. I have absolutely zero want or need to find a different moisturizer. Plus its oil and fragrance free, I mean what else could you ask for?

Rosebud Perfume Co. – Rosebud Salve in a Tube $6
I have always liked rosebud salves more than conventional chap sticks or balms for hydrating. I had been using a different one that came in a tin for a while then on one of my trips to Sephora I just picked this one up because I was so tired of how impractical the tin was. This is super hydrating and it has a barely there pink tint and rose scent. If your looking for a lip treatment that will keep you hydrated for a couple of hours I will recommend this. Even when I’m at work I will apply it over a lipstick to give the look of pretty glossy lips that will last longer than the lipstick would on its own. Plus, since it is a rose salve, it can also be used on cuticles, dry patches of skin and even minor burns. This is a necessity in my makeup bag; I take it with me everywhere.

Last but not least, I have a hair product for you guys. If your anything like me, you most likely get irritated when you have to style your hair during the heat of the summer. I found this treatment in Ulta one day. Because it’s a drug store product and marked at such a low price, I didn’t really have the highest hopes for it. I took it home and gave it a shot though and holy cow! This stuff works! It’s meant to last seven days, or three washes. After you apply the product and activate it, your hair will be stick straight with no frizz until the next time you wash it. I even slept with it in a bun and when I took it down there was no kinks or anything! When you wash it next, it is still frizz free and straight, but it will look much more natural, this is how your hair will dry until all the treatment is removed. This will absolutely be my go to all summer, through my busy schedule and summer vacations; this will be in constant use.

Hey guys its Britt again, Jenn is one of my best friends as well as my cousin and I always look to her for advice when it comes to beauty products because she is all about looking and feeling beautiful. She is full of super easy tips and tricks to spruce up your make up routine or outfit and I am addicted to reading her blog.  If you would like make sure to check out more of her writing at . If you guys enjoyed this post, or some of these beauty products are going to help you out this summer be sure to let us know in the comments! Let me know if you like having a guest writer every once in a while too! Jennifer's pretty great right? Have a lovely day guys!
- xx!

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Month in Pictures

My, it has been a while.  Probably a month, has it not? (slaps wrists) June will have to be much better.  So where have  I been and what on Earth has been going on in my not so exciting life for the last several weeks? Well... because I love lists I will break it down for you.
  • My boyfriend, (Trevor) came home this month from school in Washington, his birthday was on the 13th, and to celebrate I took him to a cooking class.  It was absolutely delicous we cooked a five course meal, baked our own baguette, and made creme brûlée.  I also gave him a GoPro for his birthday (which I can't wait to steal :) ) to document all of our adventures with.
  • This month, on May 23rd, I also celebrated my Grammy's 90th birthday in Pasadena at the Langham hotel with all of my family.  She would be horrified if she knew I shared her age here, but she is just so cute and full of energy that you would never imagine that she is 90. I think that it is quite an accomplishment.
  • I am practically peeing my pants with excitement for the new Ed Sheeran album, AND the premiere of the Fault in Our Stars.  John Green is one of my favorite authors and I can't believe the movie is finally coming for this amazing book! I'm going to have to bring several boxes of tissues...
  • I am hopefully getting a new camera lens this week which will make my life so much nicer, as I will finally be able to get back here and share a lot more with you!
  • Today I bought my favorite flower, peonies at a shop and put them in a pretty vase on my desk.  They haven't bloomed yet, but they already smell so good! I think the easiest way to add decorations and a pop of color to a room is to bring in fresh flowers. They are so lovely!
  • Lastly, it is almost summer, and I am so excited to get done with my last three weeks of school so that I can spend plenty of time in the sun at the beach and working on my tan.....? Well.. we will see.  
So, that basically sums it all up, my almost excuses for not writing all month?  But now that all the craziness is beginning to settle, I'm getting a new lens, and school will be wrapping up for the quarter, I will hopefully be here lots more editing pictures and hopefully some lookbooks in the near future... It's past my bedtime and I am all cozy in bed writing this, and smelling my amazing peonies and I must say this is my favorite way to end Sunday night before a new week...Have a lovely week this week!
More to come, I promise! ;)