Sunday, May 4, 2014

Moving House!

Ah I have been such a bad blogger this week!  I've been wanting to write all week but a combination of extreme stress, my entire life packed up in a few cardboard boxes, and preparing for midterms it has felt almost impossible to just sit down and write and take a few minutes to breathe! This has been the absolute most crazy week of my life!  And that is because this week I decided that I wanted to move!  So this week has been a flurry of packing boxes, unpacking boxes, and shopping for all sorts of pretty decorations to make my new place feel like home!  For those of you have moved by yourself, you know that it is no easy task!  This was quite the spontaneous move as this has all happened in the last seven days!  But I've learned that life is pretty spontaneous! I am loving my new home!
This week has also been so hot! And to be honest, 100 degrees doesn't entirely inspire me in fashion, as I automatically gravitate towards shorts and t-shirts! But I actually managed to change to get a little dressed up this week before I moved and I want to share my dress with you guys!
I got this dress really recently at Zara, and I absolutely love it because all of the white details are actually beads, and I think this dress is so pretty and perfect for summer! My only complaint is that since there are sooo many beads the dress was rather heavy!  But I still think it is super nice for a sunny day! I'm currently unpacking boxes and trying to work on all of my midterms but I hope you all have a lovely day!

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