Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Pamper Evening Essentials!

Oh how I love pamper evenings!  I thought I could share with you guys all the things I do when I have a pamper evening! For those of you unaware of what a pamper evening is, it's a time when you get home and just set aside a few hours to yourself to pamper yourself or have a little beauty regime.  I'm sure plenty of you have your own pamper evenings but they are just perfect for when you've had a bad day, your feeling like crap, or when you would just like to relax for a little while.  So here it goes... :)
Step #1 : I always begin by getting a bath running!  I love baths they are the perfect way to relax!  Once the water is started I grab a fluffy towel, a good book, and a candle too!  My current book of choice? Divergent! 
Step #2 : Now that I have the water started, and my candle lit I pick out my favorite Lush bath bomb and bubble bar!  Then I grab an exfoliator, a shower smoothie, and some delicious body lotion!
Step #3 : Once my bath is started, I drop in my bath bomb and crumble in the bubble bar which makes tons and tons of bubbles!  I really love using Lush bath bombs because they make my skin feel so soft and moisturized which I think is very beneficial for my skin!  It also makes the bath look very pretty which I always like :)
Step #4 : Before I jump in the bath I always wash my face, I think this is really important because the bath will have lots of steam which is perfect for opening your pores and you don't want to get in a bath with a face full of make-up.

Step# 5: Now it's time to enjoy your bath!:) First I always used my exfoliator from Lush, my shower smoothie, and once that's all done and good I just relax and read! 
Step #6 : Getting out of the bath you will see pretty pink heart shaped confetti from your bath bomb! Once your out don't forget to moisturize and apply a face mask!
Step #7 : Once you've applied your face mask, get into your favorite cozies and your pamper evening is complete!

The Products I used:
Candle: Anthropologie, Spring's Eden Candle- Wild Honeysuckle: It smells so delicious of pink freesia and soft magnolias.
Book: Divergent- Veronica Roth: if you haven't read it already this book is absolutely amazing, I can't wait to finish it so that I can go see the movie!
Bath Bomb: Lush's Pink Bomb: It's sweet and smells like vanilla but isn't so overbearingly sweet that it is too much!  I absolutely love this bath bomb! Plus the confetti hearts are so cute!
Bubble Bar: Lush's The Comforter bubble bar: Oh it smells so delicious of black current candy and actually gives you the feeling of being comforted!  And it makes so many bubbles!
Body Lotion: Lush's Celebration body lotion: Unfortunately this is a seasonal lotion that they only have in stores at the holidays but I definitely recommend picking this jar of wonder up at Christmas!  It smells so amazing, a little citrusy and a pop of champagne it smells just like the new year!
Exfoliator: Lush's Rub Rub Rub: I think we are beginning to see a trend here that I am quite a fan of Lush products but this exfoliator is absolutely amazing. It's a sea salt shower scrub that is mimosa scented! It feels so tropical and leaves my skin feeling insanely soft.
Shower smoothie: Lush's Turkish Delight: I've talked about this product before and it is still one of my favorite Lush products.  Made from pressed Turkish Roses this shower smoothie smells sooo amazing hydrating and purifying my skin. 
Face Mask: Origin's Out of Trouble Face Mask: I love Origins and this facemask is great.  It's perfect if your skin is needing a little pick me up and makes my skin feel so hydrated and refreshed!

So that's about it!  Those are all of my essentials for my pamper evening!  Let me know how your pamper evening goes or let me know in the comments if you have a product you can't live without in your pamper evenings! I hope you enjoy these little tips for a pamper evening! Have a lovely day guys!!

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