Saturday, April 12, 2014

Give A Little, Recieve A lot

Hey guys! So I have a really cool idea and I want to see what you guys think about it! Whilst out shopping I came across this really cool hand beaded bracelet that is made by mothers in Kenya trying to support their families.  For only $10 I was going to impact somebody's life just by buying a bracelet and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. So this is how I came up with my idea. Every month I want to support a different charity and share it with you guys! I think it is so easy to give back and there are so many people who really need help!  And if I just sacrifice a little bit every month, maybe a few Starbucks drinks or one movie ticket even, just something small and I can make this big of a difference in someone's life then I want to do what I can to help.  The first charity I want to support is the organization that makes these bracelets!  They are called Me to We!

Me to We is an organization started ten years ago set out to better the world in an eco friendly way.  The bracelet I bought is going to give somebody one year of clean water.  By providing a child with clean water they are going to be able to attend school without getting sick from the dirty water.  There are also options to buy a bunch of differently colored bracelets that help in different ways including; a year of healthcare for a family, a year's education for a child, or providing financial tools to empower women.  This organization has employed 800+ mother's full time to create beautiful bracelets, key chains, and necklaces all hand beaded!  And by employing them, they have the power to educate their children, feed their families, and drink clean water!  There are a bunch of different ways to wear the bracelet, I decided to even wear mine as a headband. I love that these bracelets are only 10$ and that they can do so much good for somebody!  So if you want to buy one of the accessories, click here! And if you want to get a bracelet like I have to give someone clean water for a year you can click here!  I really believe that this organization does so much good and helps so many people. Sacrifice just a little bit this month and help somebody who really needs it!  Let me know if you decide to support this charity or tell me about your favorite charity to support. Have a lovely day guys and pay it forward!!

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