Saturday, April 26, 2014

Feature: Hometown Heroine

Recently my cousin and great friend, Jenn a blogger who writes Hometown Heroine from San Francisco asked me to guest write for her blog and put together a few spring looks to inspire every girl's wardrobe.  I was more than excited to do it and have spent the week putting together looks that I think you guys might appreciate!  Soooo here's how its going to work, I'm going to post detail photos here as well as a few random shots from each day but to see all of the official photos and more of what I think about each look you will have to check out her blog, which you can find by clicking Here!  I hope you guys enjoy!!!

Ah the perfect t-shirt dress!  You know those days in summer where it is so hot that you dread putting normal clothes on and you don't want to think about what your outfit is going to be?  This is going to be your outfit. T-shirt dresses are so comfortable and easy to wear and this one I absolutely love. I picked up this dress from Tildon, and what really attracted me to it was the interesting pattern.  It is so modern and interesting that I don't even have to accessorize it!  I just slipped on these simple black and white pointed-toe flats from from Steve madden and threw my hair up and I was ready for the day!  I love items like this in my wardrobe and I think it should be an essential in every girl's closet!
 Following the trends of fashion I am finding myself dressing more and more feminine! So I first picked this really beautiful floral sheath dress from Kaya di Koko and added a little bow belt to give it shape! However I felt that it needed something to tone it down a little bit and so I added this black motorcycle jacket from Silence + Noise. It makes the look a little more dynamic and plays with the concept of juxtaposition transitioning from entirely feminine to a little tougher! 

Lastly, and possibly the most important is this look which is all about the shorts!!I’ve never been a fan of shorts. You know, the really tight, super short, falling apart ones.... But luckily, I think those are finally making their way out as more finished and feminine shorts are making their way in. Don't mind my unironed shirt (oops!) I finished the look with a motorcycle style jacket  that has floral sleeves! I also match it with an industrial band bracelet and these super simple flats!

Well that's it!  If you want to see what the final lookbook shots were check out Hometown Heroine where you can not only see exclusive pictures, but you can also find out more of what I think about these looks and where you can buy each of the pieces in these looks! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you guys love Hometown Heroine just like I do!! Let me know what you think of her blog by posting a comment on her page and letting her know what you think about these looks!
Have a lovely day guys!!!


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