Saturday, April 26, 2014


So it is Saturday night, and whilst scrolling through tumblr and listening to music I was thinking oh 

my gosh these songs could so easily be the theme songs to my blog and I was just trying to come up 

with some new ideas, and then I thought heyyy I could make a playlist and show you guys what 

songs I'm listening to and see if you guys like any of the same stuff, or if you have any new music 

suggestions as I am always wanting to hear something new!  Soo, this isn't a planned post and I don't 

have much to say except I hope you like the mix! If you don't that's fine too but I like it so that's why 

I thought I would share it! Anyways, most of the music is just kind of kick back and enjoy the day 

kinds of songs! Maybe I could make this a thing and make a few mixes every once in a while? Tell 

me what your favorite song at the moment is! Night guys!

Mix: | Forest Witaker : Bad Books | The High Road : Broken Bells | O My Heart : Mother Mother | On

Melancholy Hill : Gorrilaz | Good as New : Vacationer | Holocene : Bon Iver | Purple Yellow Red and

Blue (MuneShine Remix) : Portugal. The Man | Each Coming Night : Iron & Wine | Ends of the Earth

: Lord Huron | Put a Light On : The Generationals |

Feature: Hometown Heroine

Recently my cousin and great friend, Jenn a blogger who writes Hometown Heroine from San Francisco asked me to guest write for her blog and put together a few spring looks to inspire every girl's wardrobe.  I was more than excited to do it and have spent the week putting together looks that I think you guys might appreciate!  Soooo here's how its going to work, I'm going to post detail photos here as well as a few random shots from each day but to see all of the official photos and more of what I think about each look you will have to check out her blog, which you can find by clicking Here!  I hope you guys enjoy!!!

Ah the perfect t-shirt dress!  You know those days in summer where it is so hot that you dread putting normal clothes on and you don't want to think about what your outfit is going to be?  This is going to be your outfit. T-shirt dresses are so comfortable and easy to wear and this one I absolutely love. I picked up this dress from Tildon, and what really attracted me to it was the interesting pattern.  It is so modern and interesting that I don't even have to accessorize it!  I just slipped on these simple black and white pointed-toe flats from from Steve madden and threw my hair up and I was ready for the day!  I love items like this in my wardrobe and I think it should be an essential in every girl's closet!
 Following the trends of fashion I am finding myself dressing more and more feminine! So I first picked this really beautiful floral sheath dress from Kaya di Koko and added a little bow belt to give it shape! However I felt that it needed something to tone it down a little bit and so I added this black motorcycle jacket from Silence + Noise. It makes the look a little more dynamic and plays with the concept of juxtaposition transitioning from entirely feminine to a little tougher! 

Lastly, and possibly the most important is this look which is all about the shorts!!I’ve never been a fan of shorts. You know, the really tight, super short, falling apart ones.... But luckily, I think those are finally making their way out as more finished and feminine shorts are making their way in. Don't mind my unironed shirt (oops!) I finished the look with a motorcycle style jacket  that has floral sleeves! I also match it with an industrial band bracelet and these super simple flats!

Well that's it!  If you want to see what the final lookbook shots were check out Hometown Heroine where you can not only see exclusive pictures, but you can also find out more of what I think about these looks and where you can buy each of the pieces in these looks! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you guys love Hometown Heroine just like I do!! Let me know what you think of her blog by posting a comment on her page and letting her know what you think about these looks!
Have a lovely day guys!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's A Great Week..(:

I've had the loveliest and most crazy week!  I love being back at school and I already have about one million projects to work on.  But it's amazing because all of my projects are going to be so interesting! I'm taking a Business of Fashion class, Creative Design Applications, Pattern Drafting 2, and then a few other boring classes! Today I went to the most amazing art store I've ever been to and bought new Copic pens with Trevor's mom which made me supremely happy because I love new supplies!  This weekend is going to be so much fun, making collages, writing shopping reports, and lots of research!  It's a lot of work but it all just sounds so fun to me as long as I have enough hours to get it all done!
This was one of my casual school outfits from the week!  I just picked up this denim jacket from Free People recently and I love it because it is so comfortable and easy to wear.  Have a lovely day guys!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Out in the Wild!

Driving back to L.A. last night I was sad to say goodbye to sleeping in late, the amazing sea breeze of San Clemente, a lot of amazing food, my mom cooking all my meals, and reading about a dozen books.  But I couldn't help but be excited for a whole new quarter of classes, being back in L.A. and back to my outfit posts!  So of course I couldn't resist a first day back to school OOTD.
I don't want to say goodbye to cozy sweater cloudy days but it seems inevitable as I woke up this morning to 80 degree weather and not one cloud in the sky! As a result, there was no way I was going to put pants on and so I grabbed my favorite black skater skirt from ASOS and debuted these adorable Zara sandals that I picked up a few weeks ago! I  then paired this lovely jumper from Madison & Berkley with my Zara jacket! The final touch was this gold industrial looking bangle and I was ready for my first day back!  Well tonight I am going to be spending the evening on my roof checking out the lunar eclipse and playing Ed Sheeran's new song 'Sing' on repeat!  Anyone else excited for his album? :) Goodnight guys!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Give A Little, Recieve A lot

Hey guys! So I have a really cool idea and I want to see what you guys think about it! Whilst out shopping I came across this really cool hand beaded bracelet that is made by mothers in Kenya trying to support their families.  For only $10 I was going to impact somebody's life just by buying a bracelet and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. So this is how I came up with my idea. Every month I want to support a different charity and share it with you guys! I think it is so easy to give back and there are so many people who really need help!  And if I just sacrifice a little bit every month, maybe a few Starbucks drinks or one movie ticket even, just something small and I can make this big of a difference in someone's life then I want to do what I can to help.  The first charity I want to support is the organization that makes these bracelets!  They are called Me to We!

Me to We is an organization started ten years ago set out to better the world in an eco friendly way.  The bracelet I bought is going to give somebody one year of clean water.  By providing a child with clean water they are going to be able to attend school without getting sick from the dirty water.  There are also options to buy a bunch of differently colored bracelets that help in different ways including; a year of healthcare for a family, a year's education for a child, or providing financial tools to empower women.  This organization has employed 800+ mother's full time to create beautiful bracelets, key chains, and necklaces all hand beaded!  And by employing them, they have the power to educate their children, feed their families, and drink clean water!  There are a bunch of different ways to wear the bracelet, I decided to even wear mine as a headband. I love that these bracelets are only 10$ and that they can do so much good for somebody!  So if you want to buy one of the accessories, click here! And if you want to get a bracelet like I have to give someone clean water for a year you can click here!  I really believe that this organization does so much good and helps so many people. Sacrifice just a little bit this month and help somebody who really needs it!  Let me know if you decide to support this charity or tell me about your favorite charity to support. Have a lovely day guys and pay it forward!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Photo Journal: Brunch & The Beach

Being that this is my last week at home before I go back to school in L.A. I'm trying to take advantage of the empty beaches, small cafes, and beautiful sunshine of San Clemente. This morning I went to brunch with my mom and aunt and had delicious croissants and macarons!  I had my favorite bacon, egg, and cheese croissant and then a chocolate strawberry dessert!  After brunch we headed down to the North Beach trail and walked around enjoying the sea breeze and pretty view!  Days like today remind me why I don't want to ever leave!  How did you guys spend your Spring break? Let me know in the comments! Have a lovely day guys:)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Pamper Evening Essentials!

Oh how I love pamper evenings!  I thought I could share with you guys all the things I do when I have a pamper evening! For those of you unaware of what a pamper evening is, it's a time when you get home and just set aside a few hours to yourself to pamper yourself or have a little beauty regime.  I'm sure plenty of you have your own pamper evenings but they are just perfect for when you've had a bad day, your feeling like crap, or when you would just like to relax for a little while.  So here it goes... :)
Step #1 : I always begin by getting a bath running!  I love baths they are the perfect way to relax!  Once the water is started I grab a fluffy towel, a good book, and a candle too!  My current book of choice? Divergent! 
Step #2 : Now that I have the water started, and my candle lit I pick out my favorite Lush bath bomb and bubble bar!  Then I grab an exfoliator, a shower smoothie, and some delicious body lotion!
Step #3 : Once my bath is started, I drop in my bath bomb and crumble in the bubble bar which makes tons and tons of bubbles!  I really love using Lush bath bombs because they make my skin feel so soft and moisturized which I think is very beneficial for my skin!  It also makes the bath look very pretty which I always like :)
Step #4 : Before I jump in the bath I always wash my face, I think this is really important because the bath will have lots of steam which is perfect for opening your pores and you don't want to get in a bath with a face full of make-up.

Step# 5: Now it's time to enjoy your bath!:) First I always used my exfoliator from Lush, my shower smoothie, and once that's all done and good I just relax and read! 
Step #6 : Getting out of the bath you will see pretty pink heart shaped confetti from your bath bomb! Once your out don't forget to moisturize and apply a face mask!
Step #7 : Once you've applied your face mask, get into your favorite cozies and your pamper evening is complete!

The Products I used:
Candle: Anthropologie, Spring's Eden Candle- Wild Honeysuckle: It smells so delicious of pink freesia and soft magnolias.
Book: Divergent- Veronica Roth: if you haven't read it already this book is absolutely amazing, I can't wait to finish it so that I can go see the movie!
Bath Bomb: Lush's Pink Bomb: It's sweet and smells like vanilla but isn't so overbearingly sweet that it is too much!  I absolutely love this bath bomb! Plus the confetti hearts are so cute!
Bubble Bar: Lush's The Comforter bubble bar: Oh it smells so delicious of black current candy and actually gives you the feeling of being comforted!  And it makes so many bubbles!
Body Lotion: Lush's Celebration body lotion: Unfortunately this is a seasonal lotion that they only have in stores at the holidays but I definitely recommend picking this jar of wonder up at Christmas!  It smells so amazing, a little citrusy and a pop of champagne it smells just like the new year!
Exfoliator: Lush's Rub Rub Rub: I think we are beginning to see a trend here that I am quite a fan of Lush products but this exfoliator is absolutely amazing. It's a sea salt shower scrub that is mimosa scented! It feels so tropical and leaves my skin feeling insanely soft.
Shower smoothie: Lush's Turkish Delight: I've talked about this product before and it is still one of my favorite Lush products.  Made from pressed Turkish Roses this shower smoothie smells sooo amazing hydrating and purifying my skin. 
Face Mask: Origin's Out of Trouble Face Mask: I love Origins and this facemask is great.  It's perfect if your skin is needing a little pick me up and makes my skin feel so hydrated and refreshed!

So that's about it!  Those are all of my essentials for my pamper evening!  Let me know how your pamper evening goes or let me know in the comments if you have a product you can't live without in your pamper evenings! I hope you enjoy these little tips for a pamper evening! Have a lovely day guys!!