Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Spring!

It's Spring! I've finished finals, and now have three weeks to get all refreshed for my next quarter!  I've finally had time to update my tumblr, spring clean, and get a little more organized!  But most importantly I'm feeling very inspired to write here!  After cleansing my entire room I decided to treat myself and took a little peek into Lush at their Spring treats.  Of course I couldn't help myself when I saw how cute all of these Easter bath bombs and bubble bars were and went a little bit crazy! 

  • Bunch of Carrots-  When I saw these I just about died they were so cute!  Tied up in a bundle, and just the perfect size, I absolutely love these carrot bubble bars that I can swirl under running water for loads and loads of bubbles!  They have a very citrusy and fruity scent that is just a little lemony and smell absolutely amazing for Spring. 
  • Golden Egg- The minute I saw the sign next to this egg I knew I was going to love it!  It's a bath bomb melt so aside from being fizzy and colorful it's also coated in cocoa butter making my bath so creamy and moisturizing!  I was a little intimidated by all of the gold sparkles as you can see just holding it my fingers were covered in gold, but I was impressed that getting out of the bath I wasn't completely sparkly, rather my skin just had a subtle shimmer.  On top of that it smells soo delicious with Lush's classic honey-toffee scent that has always been one of my favorites. It is definitely one of my favorites.
  • Bunny- Oh how I love this bunny so! It smells so delicious filled with vanilla and just a bit of floral. His tummy is filled with little blue cornflower petals and crumbling this cute little bunny under running water my bath filled with yummy bubbles! 
  • Ohh the Pink Egg-  This bath bomb is a three in one!  There is a second treat inside the first one and so I broke it open and actually used it for three different baths!  It smells so amazing of vanilla and grapefruit and it just made me so cheery being in a bright pink bath!
Let me know which of Lush's Easter treats is your favorite!  Have a lovely day guys !

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