Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Favorites of February!

With the month of February came a lot of new favorites in products, clothes, and a few other bits and pieces! Although this list is so completely random I sort of like the idea of making my favorites be whatever I really loved because then I'm not just giving you a random list, but a list that actually means something to me! February seemed to go by in an absolute flash and I can't believe it is already March! So here are just a few of my favorites... !
❤1. Turkish Delight: Oh my god.  If you have ever wondered what heaven smells like its right in this little jar.  Turkish Delight is a shower smoothie from Lush and oh how I love it so.  It smells like pure roses moisturizing and softening your skin.  It is by far my favorite lush product at  the moment! Its a little bit pricey but soo worth it! You can buy it here!
❤2. Hygee Bakery: I've written about this place a few times already, its the little Danish bakery I found at the beginning of the month and I am already obsessed with it.  They have so many delicious treats and amazing coffee and its just absolutely lovely! If you're in the LA area and want to visit its on the cross streets of 11th and Hope.  Definitely stop in you'll probably see me !
❤3. Zara's Spring Collection: Yes, I'm speaking about their spring collection entirely.  It's absolutely brilliant.  With extremely well priced clothes that are always ahead of the trends I love stopping in and picking up a few things whenever I get the chance but last time I was in Zara I was especially impressed! Their spring collection features so many new interesting fabrics that I have never really seen in fashion before! Really cool structured tops, knit blazers (which I love) and amazing patterned pants!  I'm forecasting my spring wardrobe to largely consist of Zara's clothes ! (Oops!)
❤4. Reading: To be specific Jane Austen.  If you do not know, I am such a book worm! I love all sorts of books and stories and I recently decided to reread all of Jane Austen's novels.  I got her full collection book at Barnes and Noble and am starting with Sense and Sensibility.  Trying to fit in time for reading seems a little impossible at times, but being able to pick up a Jane Austen novel and fall into her world is my favorite way to spend a free evening! 
❤5. This one is almost a little bit embarrassing... But this month I started watching the series One Tree Hill.  I've never watched it before and I know I am like ten years behind on this but I wandered across it on a boring evening on Netflix and got hooked!  I'm still on season 1 but it's so good!! Definitely my guilty pleasure tehehe!
❤6. Meringues: So of course I have had meringues before but my true love started for them over Christmas break when Trevor and I made them ourselves!  They were so good and I fell in love but when I got back to school I sort of forgot about them as Trevor wasn't here to bake them with me! But then  about two weeks ago I found these little mini meringues at the grocery store and since then its just about all I will eat!  They are so sweet and light and airy and the perfect treat! Especially with a little bit of Nutella!

So those are my favorites for February.  It is a completely random list but it's what I'm loving! What did you guys love this month? Leave a comment below with your February favorites!  Have a lovely day guys!!

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