Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Where Would You Go?


I'm currently sitting in a little Danish bakery about one block down from my apartment and it immediately takes me back to about 8 months ago when I was sitting in a bakery just the same but actually in Copenhagen.  Denmark was one of my favorite countries I visited in my summer trip and as I was leaving I promised myself that I would make my way back.  So sitting here with a marzipan cake and latte I started thinking,  what if right now I could just grab a bag throw in my toothbrush, my favorite book, and a passport and make a run for it? Not for forever... but maybe a week or two. Picking the first interesting place I see when I get to the airport, and then getting to that city where ever it is with no plans, no obligations, no idea what I'm even going to do in the next hour but knowing that I'm not going to be in that class tomorrow morning and that I'm going to miss that movie I was going to see.  And not caring just feeling so free.  That's what I've been daydreaming about all morning. And although I don't have the means to do that today, I can't wait for that day to come.  When I can set up at a little sidewalk cafe for lunch and make friends with somebody interesting who really has something to say and spend the afternoon wandering through a museum I've never heard of and finishing off the night seeing the city and all of the lights.  Ah, the things I dream of :)  Sometimes thinking about these kinds of things instead of the things you're supposed to be thinking about is just so much nicer. So even though I'm not going anywhere anytime soon I decided to think about what I would bring with me for my perfect escape! I'm thinking I would make a run for it to Munich. I have a particular love for Germany and a rainy week spent in a little cafe in Marienplatz sounds like heaven. Otherwise would it be to cliche to say Paris? A girl loves her fashion and romance! Plus traveling is always better when you have someone to share it with... Uh uhm Trevor ;)  So here is what I would bring, it's not much but I figure I can grab anything else I need once I get there:) 
Oh, And Trevor ;)❤

Where would you escape to today if someone offered to buy you a ticket? What would you bring with you? Leave your comments below I would love to hear it!
Have a lovely day guys!


  1. I love this! I've wondered about this sometimes. I'd either want to go to a big city or somewhere that's known for natural beauty. I'd love to roam the streets of a European city. I also really want to go to Switzerland sometime in my life, because it's absolutely beautiful.

    1. Just the idea of having the freedom to pick anywhere in the world whether it be a big city or somewhere totally quiet would just be exhilarating! I'm curious what would you bring? Suitcases? Or just a backpack?:)

    2. Hmm, definitely a camera, and probably a suitcase. I am notorious for always packing too much, haha. I like the idea of staying away from the Internet and social media - it would be awesome to get away for even a day or two!