Friday, February 28, 2014

I Love My City...

Jacket: Via Spiga, Top: Day Dreamer, Scarf: ASOS, Pants: Rag and Bone, Boots: Dolce Vita

Today has been such a good day! My favorite kind in fact! We have had so much rain and living in Los Angeles that is rare and I just don't want it to go away!  This morning I went to my internship and got the opportunity to do a little bit of modeling for their website which was really fun because I've never really modeled before!  It was so cool getting to wear so many beautiful tops and I'm excited to show you guys how they turn out! When I got back my roommate and I weren't feeling up to hitting the streets for photos so we just stepped out on our balcony instead! Tonight we're celebrating my roommates birthday and walking across the street to LA Live and getting dinner at a new restaurant that just came in! It should be such a nice night ! I just love Fridays :) How is your Friday going?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keep Breathing...

Top: Halogen, Pants: Zara, Heels: Rachel Zoe

Happy Wednesday! Aren't these pants amazing?! Yea I know! I absolutely love these patterned pants from Zara!  Although its only the first day of my weekend I am feeling behind because despite my best efforts at being productive I have procrastinated all day! So tomorrow I will definitely have to do a little better! :) Anyway tonight I'm cooking the most amazing pizza that Trevor taught me how to make and it's going to be sooo good! What's your favorite recipe? Have a lovely day guys!!

Ooooh Famest!

Hello everyone! So I actually have a really cool opportunity for you guys! I was recently contacted by a company called Famest! Famest is a website created to share your style and see what other people are wearing! What is really cool about Famest is that as you post your looks and other people like your style you earn points that you can redeem for gift cards to shops like Forever 21 and ASOS.  Its really easy to join the Famest community all you need to do is download the app or go on their website  What's even cooler? Famest is letting my followers get an extra 25 points for joining with me which is a lot of points! You can click the picture above that will take you to a link to redeem your points and start your Famest account! You can check out my looks there and see what I'm wearing!  When you guys make your account leave a comment with your account so that I can check out your guy's looks!  I can't wait to see what you're wearing! Have a lovely day guys!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A little MIA...

Last week my roommates went to the MAGIC show in Vegas so I had the apartment to myself!  Which made it a little hard to make my outfit posts as there was no one to take them, but now I am back to my normal posts!  Last week as  I was not doing outfit posts I started thinking about what other things I would like to blog about! I have some ideas that I'm excited to share with you but if you have any ideas on things you would like to see here definitely leave a comment because I would love to hear what you would like to see! As far as today's outfit goes, I loveee this beanie it makes me so happy because its so bright and fluffy, but I haven't been able to wear it because it has been so hot in LA this entire winter so I was beyond excited this morning when I woke up to a cloudy day perfect for this kind of outfit! Once again I am sporting my favorite docs but I also pulled out this Silence + Noise motorcycle jacket that I got a few years ago and had forgotten about until 7:30 this morning! First trying this on I wasn't so sure if the contrast between the bright fuzzy beanie and the edgier jacket was going to be ok together but I quite liked how it came together :)  Hope you guys have a lovely day :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Boyfriends Flannel...

Top: Zara, Flannel: Trevor's Closet, Jeans: Hudson, Boots: Jeffrey Cambell, Watch: Guess

First off, Happy Saturday!  Today has been such a nice day as my roommates and I were extremely productive and cleaned our entire apartment! Sitting on my bed, I feel so happy writing this post with it being so clean all around me! The last few days have been very exciting and busy and it has been so nice having a day off today to work on homework and get breakfast with my Grammy! But let me fill you in on the last few days... On Thursday I got the opportunity to work at a pre-Oscar's party through my internship giving dresses to celebrities and telling them all about the brand!  The event was at Olive and Fig a restaurant in West Hollywood and it was so delicious! It was such a cool experience, and at the end of the event the vendors from Guess actually gave me one of their watches which you can see above!:) I was really excited because I have been looking for a new watch for ages and this one is so pretty! Friday being Valentine's Day I was determined to spend the day distracting myself so as to not be completely heartbroken that my valentine was a thousand miles away and consequently spent 5 hours at Barnes and Noble browsing through books and sipping on a latte.  I also revisited my new favorite little Danish bakery called Hygge if anyone is interested in the L.A. area, and then popped into Lush for a Valentine's Day treat! To celebrate Valentine's day Trevor and I had a Skype date exchanging care packages and talking for most of the night and for being so far away we truly made a fantastic night of it.  Just to be a little gushy, I had the best valentine, and I really do think I'm the luckiest girl in the world! Today my roommate and I wanted to reward ourselves for our hard work cleaning the apartment and so we got all dressed up and went to get our nails done which is always the best of treats.  From the title of this post you can see this isn't quite might my flannel... Trevor and I have a running joke that I steal all of his clothes and I have been seeing flannels tied around the waist as becoming a big trend! Somehow Trevor knew it was the one thing missing from my wardrobe and so he made sure to send along this one in his care package and it ended up being the perfect addition to my outfit for the day.  This has been quite the lengthy post but I just wanted to keep you guys updated! I hope everyone's having a lovely weekend and I would love to hear how your Valentine's day went so comment below!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cozy Day...

Glasses: Oliver People's, Scarf: ASOS, T-shirt: Leith, Pants: Hudsons, Boots: Dr. Martens

The glory of Doc Martens.  I love these boots I've had them for two years and I think they still look brand spanking new! I have worn them rain and shine and they show absolutely no sign of wear! And my favorite part is that I always run into older ladies who tell me about their docs from 30 years ago and how they still refuse to throw them away because some of their best memories were made in them. But the reason I really love this outfit is because it is so cozy.  Cozy days are my favorite kind of days, they just make me feel so happy!  And although the weather has been a little bit warm this week the weekend should bring a few cloudy days and I cannot wait to snuggle up and watch some Olympics!! Tomorrow I get to go to a pre-Oscar party for my internship which will be really cool and I can't wait to share with you guys how it goes! I hope you guys had a good day today !

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Where Would You Go?


I'm currently sitting in a little Danish bakery about one block down from my apartment and it immediately takes me back to about 8 months ago when I was sitting in a bakery just the same but actually in Copenhagen.  Denmark was one of my favorite countries I visited in my summer trip and as I was leaving I promised myself that I would make my way back.  So sitting here with a marzipan cake and latte I started thinking,  what if right now I could just grab a bag throw in my toothbrush, my favorite book, and a passport and make a run for it? Not for forever... but maybe a week or two. Picking the first interesting place I see when I get to the airport, and then getting to that city where ever it is with no plans, no obligations, no idea what I'm even going to do in the next hour but knowing that I'm not going to be in that class tomorrow morning and that I'm going to miss that movie I was going to see.  And not caring just feeling so free.  That's what I've been daydreaming about all morning. And although I don't have the means to do that today, I can't wait for that day to come.  When I can set up at a little sidewalk cafe for lunch and make friends with somebody interesting who really has something to say and spend the afternoon wandering through a museum I've never heard of and finishing off the night seeing the city and all of the lights.  Ah, the things I dream of :)  Sometimes thinking about these kinds of things instead of the things you're supposed to be thinking about is just so much nicer. So even though I'm not going anywhere anytime soon I decided to think about what I would bring with me for my perfect escape! I'm thinking I would make a run for it to Munich. I have a particular love for Germany and a rainy week spent in a little cafe in Marienplatz sounds like heaven. Otherwise would it be to cliche to say Paris? A girl loves her fashion and romance! Plus traveling is always better when you have someone to share it with... Uh uhm Trevor ;)  So here is what I would bring, it's not much but I figure I can grab anything else I need once I get there:) 
Oh, And Trevor ;)❤

Where would you escape to today if someone offered to buy you a ticket? What would you bring with you? Leave your comments below I would love to hear it!
Have a lovely day guys!