Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday in the City

Jacket: Topshop, Cable Knit Sweater: Free People, Cuffed Pants: BDG, Messenger Bag: Jesslyn Blake, Red Wing Tips: B.P., Banded Watch: La Mer

Oh how I love waking up on a Sunday feeling accomplished from a productive night to a cloudy morning with nothing on my agenda but a trip to Starbucks in a cozy sweater and an appointment with my favorite book curled up on the couch!  On Friday I talked about how stressful this weekend was going to be with all the work I had to do and I really did have so much work!  But yesterday morning I woke up early determined to accomplish everything I needed to do and got straight to work! At 2 I started working on a pattern drafting project sewing a dress and creating patterns and continued working until about 3 in the morning!  Working that hard and getting so much done was invigorating and energizing which I know sounds absolutely mental but I was just so proud of myself and the work I got done!  And knowing that today I would get the entire day off with nothing to stress about made everything worth it!  I hope everyone has a relaxing day off before the new week begins!
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Have a lovely day guys!


  1. Love this outfit! It's so cozy. I'm glad you got everything done! Wish I could say the same, I've been doing calculus since 10am this morning with a couple of food breaks, haha.

    1. Thank you !! Calculus?! I can't do math at all so good job!
      Good luck tehehe

  2. Awesome pics and super cool outfit
    Like it so much :D