Monday, December 30, 2013

Something different..
This post is very different than most posts I write about but the topic is very close to my heart and  I find it extremely important.  As I've gained awareness about the danger our oceans are in through a few documentaries and a lot of research I feel I have the responsibility to spread the knowledge and  make as many people aware as I can and start to change things.  Growing up I have been so lucky to get to live by the ocean.  I get to see the beautiful water and beaches all of the time and it has helped me gain a healthy appreciation for our oceans.  Beyond the beautiful surface though is all of the life in the ocean which is the part that I find so fascinating.  There's a whole other world out there and were barely apart of it.  That is why after watching both documentaries Shark Water and Revolution both directed by Rob Stewart I became concerned, no... terrified of what our futures holds with the destruction of our oceans.  Humans are killing 100 million sharks a year for a fin industry and hundreds of species disappear daily from our pollution.  I'm scared that in 10 years we won't have beautiful coral reefs and exciting animals to swim with.  I think it is extremely important to watch these documentaries and become active in fighting against pollution.  Get as many people as you can to watch these documentaries!  Shark Water is available on iTunes to rent and will open your eyes to so much that is going on! Be active and fight for what is right.  Below I'll leave the link to the Shark Water website where you can get more information about the documentary.  I hope you guys didn't mind the change in posts but this is really important to me and if you're still reading then I hope you will give these documentaries your time because it is so important.Thanks guys! Have a lovely day!

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