Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day after Christmas Lush haul!!!!!

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, and so when it's over the only thing that can truly cheer me up is a little bit of after Christmas shopping.  And my favorite place to go? LUSH.  The day after Christmas Lush has the most amazing Christmas Special of buy one get one free on all Christmas products.  This can be quite dangerous for those of us who have a hard time resisting a great deal and a bag full of goodies.  And so I thought I could share with you guys all of the treats I picked up
As you can see I got a little bit excited!!

These are just a few of my favorite products at Lush! Most of these are only out at the holidays, but I think you can still catch them as well as the great buy one get one free sale through the New Year!
I'm just going to tell you about a few of my favorites, but I will also give you the titles of the rest of the products in case you would like to pick up one of your own online at or if you want to stop by in your local lush shop!
The first two items I picked up which I am extremely excited about are in the picture above and are Lush Christmas gifts sets.  The one on the left is called the Woweeeee gift set and consists of a Sandy Santa solid body butter, Dirty Springwash Shower gel, Blue FUN Soap, and a Mr. Punch Soap.  It is such an adorable gift idea for only $28.95.  All of these products are amazing and can be bought separately as well! My favorite product is the Sandy Santa body butter as it is an amazing exfoliant that you can break off into small pieces!!
With the 2 for 1 sale I got to pick out another gift set for free which made me pick up the Snow Fairy Cone gift set.  Now the the Snow Fairy holiday collection is one of Lush's best products because it smells absolutely amazing!!  In the bottle it can be a tad overwhelming but it feels absolutely delicious on!  This gift set included The Snow Fairy Shower Gel, the Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar, and an Angel's Delight soap!  My favorite from this gift set is the Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar.  Its an adorable cream colored heart bar that melts at room temperature giving your body a little extra sparkle in all the right places!  It smells of lavender and vanilla and its absolutely delicious! I know this gift set is still available online and these products are also sold separately.  I was particularly pleased that I got all of these products for free with this Christmas sale :)
The final gift box on the far right I actually received as a gift but I thought I would throw it in here while I was at it!  This gift set is by far my favorite!  It is called the Night before Christmas and has 6 Lush treats inside!  It consists of A Father Christmas bath bomb, A Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, a Blue FUN, a Golden Wonder bath bomb, the Snowman bath bomb, a Christmas Eve bubble bar, and the Twilight bath bomb!  I have a HUGE weakness for bath bombs as they make my bath the most beautiful colors and smell delicious so this was the perfect gift for me!  I am really excited to try the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb because I think it will make my bath really beautiful colors!
The last few little treats I picked up were Santa's Grotto bath bomb, another Christmas Eve bubble bar, the Father Christmas bath bomb, a Dreamtime Bath melt, a Pop in the Bath bubble bar, and Honey I Washed the Kids soap bar.
All of these products are absolutely amazing.  They are extremely fresh and delicious and I cannot wait to use them.  I'm thinking of making a post on the type of pamper evenings I have using these products so let me know if that would be of any interest!  Have a lovely day guys!!

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