Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Year's Resolution...

A New Year, a new you... well that's what they say at least.  2013 has been a year of accomplishments for me.  I have had so many amazing experiences and it amazes me how much has happened in one year and yet it feels like it has gone by so fast.  I have been thinking about resolutions to start my 2014 year and I'm hoping that by reflecting on this past year I can find out what I want for this next year and how to be new and improved!!

So we will start with New Year's Eve last year.  It was the night I made the resolution to be the strongest version of myself.  I vowed to not be weak and to make every day an adventure.  And I can proudly say that through 2013 I feel that I kept up with those resolutions.  (For the most part)  In my case it was truly a night for new beginnings.  For some reason I really became aware of the near end of high school and started looking past high school to my future which was both scary and exciting.  I think that New Year's was when I decided what I wanted to be doing who I wanted to be. It was the night I also had my first New Year's kiss and was just the beginning of something new... (:

Fast forward to the beginning of March my 18th birthday.  Up until that time the New Year was going just fine but this was the first big event all year!   On the night I became legal I got into a pretty bad car accident which  was not a great way to celebrate getting a year older and resulted in me having to say goodbye to my beloved Jeep.  The departure was inevitable as it wasn't quite plausible for me to drive a huge Jeep around L.A. but it was definitely a premature departure and heartbreaking none the less.  But don't worry the rest of my first night at 18 was actually pretty good:)

April brought Coachella which by far was one of the best weekends of 2013.  In 72 hours I danced my ass off, screamed the lyrics to all of my favorites songs, and twerked at 2Chainz. Yes... I twerked. We will just move past that.. tehehe...  Anyways... that weekend was my perfect senior trip.  Spending 3 days with best friends from school and having so much fun made it one of the best parts of my year.

May meant the end of high school a bitter but mostly sweet moment that marked the end of horrid uniforms and weekly masses.  Graduating was an amazing accomplishment just to have finished high school and getting excited looking forward to the beginning of my future. It was also a little scary as a I realized in just two months I would be on my own for chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and I would be doing my own laundry!

But before I could dwell on that too much I was in Europe which is where I spent most of June traveling through Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, and Russia.  This was my graduation present and spending a lot of time with my family and exploring a lot of amazing cities was the best way to begin my Summer.  I fell in love with Denmark and still cannot                                                                 wait to go back.

By July 4th I was having my last day before I moved to LA.  Being that this is my favorite holiday it was the perfect way to celebrate before starting a whole new adventure! 4th of July is huge in my family with fireworks, barbecues, and lots and lots of s'mores!!  I spent the day with family, Trevor, and my best friend Jenn.

Ah! Moving into college.  Every kid experiences it and yet you have no idea what to expect when it's your turn to pack up your room and move in with total strangers! Luckily this day had no tears from my parents and my roommate was absolutely amazing!  Before I knew it I was starting classes and falling in love with my school and the city I was in. I love Los Angeles.

My biggest accomplishment or most exciting day over Summer 2013 was easily the day I went Skydiving!! Having it on my bucket list since I was 12 did not mean I wasn't scared out of my wits because I was but it was one of the most amazing days of my life.  If you haven't jumped out of a perfectly good plane yet then you haven't quite lived because it is definitely an adrenaline rush!

Saying goodbye to Trevor in August as he headed to school in Washington was definitely the biggest change and hardest part of 2013.  Considering that most of the year so far we had been inseparable it was not fun at all being apart.  The next few months proved to be challenging as we had to learn to be apart.  That was definitely not an easy day, even though I was so excited for him to begin his new adventure!  Looking now I can see how much we have grown together and individually and can be proud of our relationship and how we have grown together even when we were so far apart.

September was my first week of finals in college and I was able to finish extremely proud and passing all of my classes.  I also spent that same week moving into my new apartment with my favorite three people which was really exciting but also totally exhausting and by the end I was ready for a much needed 3 week break.  Those three weeks included a lot of sleeping and not a lot of productivity which was not a great way to spend my time!

However October was a great month for me.  I started this blog and opened my look book account which has become a great outlet for my creativity and a space to call my own on the internet.  I felt much more productive and inspired which is always a good feeling and so I loved this month. I also went to Washington for the first time and spent a weekend with Trevor exploring his school and that was definitely an amazing weekend and my highlight of October.

November was mostly a blur of stress and school with a slight highlight and break that was Thanksgiving week.  All of November included a lot of school projects and several times I got close to my breaking point.  But Thanksgiving was an amazing time for family and also a few amazing days with Trevor which helped break the daze I was in from school and lack of sleep!

December is always my favorite time of the year because it means the Christmas season! December was a great month as I was extremely prepared for my second time round at finals and I got to spend a lot of time with my mom and brother with lots of Christmas festivities!!  I got to spend Christmas with my family and also begin my 3 week break from school and spending the break with friends and of course Trevor :) We also had a big celebration as we celebrated our one year anniversary and went to Cirque du Soleil which was so amazing and wonderful and I've never been and I loved it so much and ahhhhh it was sooo cool!!

So as you can see I've had quite the amazing year.  I am so looking forward to 2014 but I have yet to decide on a New Year's resolution.  I'm hoping to have just as an amazing year as 2013 has been!! I guess I will just have to keep thinking on a resolution for myself but I will definitely let you guys know when I figure it out !  I hope you guys enjoyed this post just reading a little more on what my year has been like!  I'd love to hear highlights on your guys' year so leave a comment about your favorite moments of 2013!! Have a lovely day guys!

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