Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Favorites!

I  thought I would make a post of some of my October favorites! This will be a post of all of my favorites from October including clothes, beauty products, and anything else that I have really been loving!
The first thing I have absolutely been obsessed with is actually a whole store!  The company is called Lush and you can go to their website here!  They are a company that produces fresh beauty and skin products that are made completely with natural ingredients!! In the last month I have really been trying a wide range of their products but these have been my favorite:
                                                                           Bath Bombs:
                                                                           Sex Bomb
                                                                       Space Girl
I love baths I find them so relaxing and nice these bath bombs from lush make me feel totally pampered when I take a bath! My favorites that I have tried so far have been the sex bomb, the blackberry, and the space girl bath bombs! They smell absolutely amazing ! And they leave your skin feeling so soft!

                                                                      Fresh Face Mask:
                                                               Catastrophe Cosmetic
I have also been loving their fresh face mask called Catastrophe Cosmetic!  It costs only about $6 and it is absolutely amazing! Lately I have been having little trouble spots with my skin and I have found that it really helps reduce redness and irritation and really helps remove blemishes! It smells absolutely amazing and is made with blueberries and calamine! The only downside is that because it is a fresh face masks it only usable for three weeks so I had to make sure I used it a lot because I didn't want to waste any of this amazing product! I definitely recommend this product its one of my absolute favorites!
                                                                  Shower Soaps:
                                                                   Sea Vegetable
The last thing from lush that I am really enjoying right now is a soap bar called Sea Vegetable! I originally was given a sample of this when I was in the lush store and it was so amazing that I had to go back and buy more! Its a really refreshing scent that has salt and seaweed in the bar exfoliating and hydrating my skin! It feels so fresh and leaves my skin feeling so soft! I am absolutely in love with it!

My next October favorite has been the Zebra hot chocolate from Starbucks! Its on the secret menu so Shhhh! ;) This hot chocolate is absolutely amazing and even though I know that I'm supposed to be drinking as much of my pumpkin spice lattes as I can, I can't help but crave these hot chocolates!  It is basically a hot chocolate blended with normal chocolate and white mocha and just makes it a bit sweeter! Sometimes I also get it salted and it tastes like chocolate covered pretzels! It is so delicious and the perfect treat after a long day to get you warmed up! I love love love it!

My next October favorite is really random but has been Gossip Girl! I watched the show when it was still on the WB but since then I have been missing it! And so I have been rewatching the series and I absolutely love it! The show does an amazing job at highlighting the most amazing clothes and designers! I also just love watching it because it makes me want to live in New York! And of course because of Chuck Bass ;)
                                                                       Dior Blush

I have really really been loving my new Dior Rosy Glow blush!  You can see it online here!  It claims to react to the moisture in each persons skin and create a customized blushing glow for your skin color! I absolutely love it! It is such a beautiful color and is quite pigmented! Its a decent price for Dior and only costs $44.
                                                                    Chanel Mascara

My next October beauty favorite is the Le Volume De Chanel Mascara. It is decently priced at only $30. You can get your own here!  This mascara is absolutely amazing!! You can just put two swipes of it on your lashes and they can look fresh and still eye catching or you can add more layers for a more dramatic effect without having to worry about your lashes getting clumpy!  I absolutely love this mascara and I don't even want to try any new ones because I love it so much! It makes my lashes super long and curled and it's just absolutely amazing!

My last October favorite has been the bag I have been using all month! It is from ASOS and you can see it here!  I have had this bag for a while and  i was actually using a different bag from ASOS at the beginning of this month! But early in October I went to visit my boyfriend who is at school in Washington and I needed a bag that could hold my laptop for my trip! I absolutely love my other bag but it just didn't have the space and when I picked up this bag it was absolutely perfect! I got it for only $50 but its now actually on sale for $37! I love this bag because it is such a beautiful color and because it can truly hold so much! Now that I am back at school and always out it is essential for me to have a bag that hold all of the things I need without looking absolutely packed! I am really loving this bag right now! I was also thinking of doing a what's in my bag post! Maybe that can be in the future!

So that pretty much wraps up my October favorites ! I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you can enjoy some of these products as much as I do!
Have a lovely day guys!

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