Thursday, October 3, 2013

Falling into fall!

It's finally Fall! One of my favorite times of the year!!  Boots, hats, and scarves! And of course your favorite fall pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks!  Hopefully these tips can help spruce up your wardrobe, for the fall!  So lets get to it! I’ve been doing loads of shopping and have found all of my fall favorites and thought I could share them with you! I have jackets, trousers, accessories, and more!  
All the items I show you will also have a link where you can buy anything that catches your eye!
The first shop I stopped at was Nordstrom! Nordstrom is one of my favorite shops because it has such a wide variety of options and styles to choose from! 
My first great find were these Free People cropped jeans! Animal print has been everywhere for the fall and I decided I needed something wild for myself! Animal print is usually out of my comfort zone but I tried these on and they looked really nice! I found them for $78 and they are available online.  Click here! to grab your own pair!

The next thing I absolutely loved was this BCBG jacket from Nordstrom! You can also see this jacket on my lookbook titled basic space which you can see here! I loved this jacket because it gives such a feminine shape for when you are wearing several layers! You can find this jacket here

The next thing I found is definitely more for the winter but I bought it and absolutely loved it and wanted to share it with you!!! I found the most amazing coat from Zara and it was $160 but it was so warm and wonderful and I loved it ! You can see it here!  It looks really nice all buttoned up and you can make the wrap cape part higher up on your shoulders to create a really nice high collar look! I'm thinking it would look great with my hair up in my signature bun!!

Another item I found was this Bailey top! I absolutely love it!! It is made with the softest fabric and the leather detailing is really nice too! I love this top because it has an amazing fit and it would look really nice on a night out!  It was $143 and I know that can seem pricey but it was totally worth it !! I'm definitely excited to wear it this fall!!

I will soon be making a few posts with lookbooks of some of my fall favorites and so make sure to check them out!
Have a lovely day guys!

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